Virginia’s Office of the Attorney General – Anti-Human Trafficking (2015 – 2016)

The Office of the Attorney General realized human trafficking was becoming an increasing problem in Virginia. Madison+Main worked with the office to launch a campaign aimed to raise awareness of the problem and to generate calls to the National Human Trafficking Resource Hotline. The campaign was cutting edge and used behavioral targeting, mobile and geo-targeted ad placement to reach two very specific and disparate audiences – those involved in human trafficking  activity and those looking to exploit them. The campaign garnered over 6.8 million impressions across the state of Virginia in just 6 months time, resulting in over 11,600 clicks to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center’s Website. Virginia flooded the site with 624 substantive phone calls, 22 emails and 33 online tip reports. The campaign received numerous awards including the International Advertising Association’s BrillIAAnce award. The campaign exceeded expectations in impressions, results and awareness for a major societal issue that we all want to see come to an end.