Advertising for good.

When we started Madison+Main in 2005, we wanted to help small and midsize businesses. That was the original idea — Bring Madison Avenue Ideas to Main Street companies. Along the way we found that many non-profit organizations and advocacy groups were also interested in hiring us. So we began “using our powers for good,” so to speak. In addition to a number of pro bono projects, we offered discounted rates to a wide variety of organizations, such as Comfort Zone Camp, Positive Vibe Café, RAMPS, The National MS Society, and many, many more. Today, we still offer any qualifying non-profit 501(c)3 a 20% discount off our rates.

In recent years, we broadened our focus to help government clients with advocacy campaigns; from helping the Virginia Department of Health reduce the spread of dangerous diseases to helping Virginians save energy (Value Your Power) and combatting human trafficking for Virginia’s Office of the Attorney General.

All this good work must have given us some really good Karma. In October 2016, eight of the world’s largest ad agencies won the IAA (International Advertising Association) BrillIAAnce Award, and so did one of the world’s smallest agencies….Madison+Main.


20 November