CCPS/National G.E.D. Testing Service – “The T.E.D. CAMPAIGN” (2008-2010)

Chesterfield County Adult Education hired Madison+Main to boost countywide enrollment and increase the number of adults testing for the G.E.D. Madison+Main created a targeted radio, online, and text message campaign. We created Ted, a lovable hipster with a keen fashion sense, surfer voice, and a direct message. We focused our campaign on 18-24 year-old African American females and rural white males, buying advertising on cost-effective late night and weekend schedules on country and hip-hop FM radio affiliates in the Richmond, Virginia market. We also ran targeted web advertising and for both advertising vehicles, we used text message response as the call to action.


Registration for the G.E.D. exam increased 400% for 2008, with more than 200 test takers (half of the yearly average) registering in the first 28 days of the campaign. Over 1,500 Chesterfield County residents enrolled in Adult Education programs between 2008-2010 and the campaign was then used by the National G.E.D. Testing Service, winning a regional Addy, a Richmond Ad Club Award, and the Award of Excellence by the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA).


You can listen to our radio ad for the T.E.D. campaign here.