Show me the way.

When we inherited the County of Bath’s brand in 2010 it was essentially unknown and undifferentiated since 1766. The Homestead Resort has had a long and distinguished history and is a very recognizable brand, but the County where the resort resides had high awareness in the 1920s and 30s, but had fallen off the radar for travelers. With the advent of the County’s hotel occupancy tax in 2009, we were able to direct marketing dollars to many of the County’s other lodging and tourism assets; hotels, B&B’s, Garth Newel Music Center, Warm Springs baths, golf courses, and other natural resources.


Madison+Main redesigned their logo, tagline and former website in addition to various other projects including strategy development, search engine optimization set-up & maintenance, social media marketing consultation, and design of printed collateral.


Taking a bold approach, and making a personal appeal from the residents directly, the County stated, “Our Trees are Better than Yours.” This unique approach proved to be humorous, memorable, and delivered on its promise.