Show me the money.

First Bank decided to hire Madison+Main after employing an out-of-state financial marketing firm. We promised them that their brand and marketing materials wouldn’t look like every other community bank, and in 2013 we delivered on that promise. The Shenandoah Valley community bank with ten branches had two major goals: reconnect with its current customer, and take market share away from local and regional competitors.


Since then we’ve launched a number of strategic integrated marketing and PR campaigns for First Bank: television, radio, billboard, print, social media, web, point of purchase signage…even unique client gifts. Campaigns focused on First Bank’s people-first culture and innovative products, like the return of free checking, cash back rewards, and e-banking.


Results are astounding: social media communities, such as Facebook, increased tenfold within the first year, and website traffic increased 93.62%. Since the re-launch of free checking, 1,249 new checking accounts were opened in a four-month period. People in the Shenandoah Valley are thinking of First Bank, first.