What Exactly Is A Millennial? 




The Greatest Generation had a name that was, wait for it, great. Baby Boomers and Generation X had names that were easily remembered and identifiable. But what is up with the Millennial Generation? We call them lots of names: Gen Y, Gen Why?, Gen Next, The Internet Generation, Baby Boomlets, Echo Boomers, MyPod Generation, etc.


We can’t particularly define what a Millennial is or even agree on the ages. Pew Research says Millennials were born between 1981-1996. The US Census Bureau says 1982-2000. CNN has reported two different date ranges; 1981-1996 and 1980-2000. Author Neil Howe, co-creator of the Strauss-Howe generational theory, says Millennials were born between 1982-2004.


So I’m not surprised that no one can agree on what to call the leading edge of Generation Y, people born between 1980-1985. They’re known as Cuspers, Xennials, and the Oregon Trail Generation. This past week I learned a new phrase to describe this group. Caution, this may make your head literally spin; Geriatric Millennial. Apparently, people born in the early 1980s now need to be isolated and ostracized from their younger cousins, because they were born before AOL and Commodore 64 became household names.


So what exactly does it mean to be a Millennial? If I take the generally accepted dates and apply them to my kids, born in 1998 and 2002, that means my daughter Hattie is a Millennial and my son Jack is Gen Z. According to sociologists they are separated by an entire generation, yet only four years apart in age. Yes, they are very different people, as anyone would expect — and that’s OK.


However, I believe they share more characteristics with each other than their respective generational cohorts. They’re both really smart. They’re creative, resilient, and can learn anything by watching YouTube. They take everything I say literally….everything. They master technology and are consumed by TikTok. They use every single app on their iPhones except the phone itself. (If you’re reading this, kids, call your father). They care passionately about politics, even though they may be on opposite sides of the political spectrum.


And whatever the label they get, I’m so proud of both of them. However, the coolest generation is Gen X. Never forget this. #Literally

Monday, May 31 — Memorial Monday


Monday was Memorial Day and the team spent the day out of the office honoring the sacrifices of those who ensure our freedom. I spent the weekend on The Tug Life in Urbanna eating some crabs I bought, not caught, and drinking some brews with friends and family. I drank beer. The crazy Millennial kids had fruity seltzer alcohol/water. Some on the team visited families, others relaxed on the beach, and almost all of us grilled out. It was a great long weekend and an unofficial start to an open, vaccinated summer!

Tuesday, June 1 — Tonight, On NBC 12…

Our client Pinnacle Living got some much-deserved press on NBC 12 last week. Just like everyone else, senior living facilities are facing a post-pandemic labor shortage. Hermitage Richmond’s Executive Director Amy Chapman and Cedarfiled’s Executive Director Michael Shaw were both interviewed for the news segment. The communities recently won the 2021 Top Workplaces Award from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“We know that so many wonderful people have been home for the last year and a half just aching to get back to the workforce, and we’re ready to embrace you and let you know that it’s safe to be with us,” Chapman said. Interested in applying or know someone who wants to work for the Top Workplace in RVA? Apply here!

Wednesday, June 2 — Question Wednesday! 

Every Wednesday at our Production Meeting, Office Manager Mollie Banks asks a question designed to spark a lively debate or just let coworkers get to know each other a little bit better. This week’s question was, “Would you rather be the smartest person in the room or the funniest?” This was an easy question because I, of course, am both. However, I wasn’t able to prove the funny part and tell a joke because Boss Lady Molly Whitfield said something about HR violations. So the Cinderella joke will have to wait. So what about you? Reply to this email and send me a joke. (I always appreciate a good chuckle). I just hope it’s better than Jr. Communication Specialist Kennedy Heidel’s — “What do you call a deer with no eyes? No-eye deer.”


Thursday, June 3 —Photoshoot Time

This week, Creative Director Art Webb and Account Executive Andrew Simpson traveled up to the land of Cherry Blossoms for a photoshoot with Hermitage Northern Virginia in Alexandria with Cade Martin Photography. They worked hard all day but the end results were amazing! Keep your eyes on the lookout for pretty pictures in the upcoming work we’ll be doing for Hermitage NoVA!


Friday, June 4 — Please Do Not Feed The Interns…

They are on a strict diet of learning and networking! Summer is in full swing at Madison+Main and that means we welcomed two new interns to our team — Caroline Stringfellow and Ryan Thurston. Caroline hails from Baltimore, Maryland and is a recent graduate from The University of South Carolina. She will be wrangling words for the Communications Team and trying to out-pun the pun-masters. Good luck, Caroline — you’ll need it. Mechanicsville native Ryan is a rising senior at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and will be helping the Accounts Team with all things client-side. Happy to have Ryan at the office – I hear he makes great coffee. Welcome to the team, guys!



A Few of Our Favorite Events

Saturday, June 12, 2021 | City Stadium
The Boxer Brief 5K Run/Walk raises the level of awareness of colorectal cancer while offering education in an effort to stop our country’s second cancer killer in men and women. Registration will be open until June 13.
June 26th, 2021 | 6:30 P.M. – 9:30 P.M. | Goochland Drive-In
The Virginia-West Virginia MS Society will host their first-ever celebration “Honoring Our Heroes” at the Goochland Drive-In. The program will include meaningful recognition of sponsors and their employees who have gone “above and beyond” during the pandemic to help our community.
“History is dependent on the new generation to write a new chapter.”

— LaMelo Ball