Your Website (Probably) Sucks

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Every time I meet with a prospective client, whether it’s a business owner, a non-profit leader, or a government agency, they all say the same thing: “We hate our website.” They give a multitude of reasons — it doesn’t look right, it doesn’t work right, or the content just doesn’t make sense. Sometimes, they complain about all three things. 


Yes, there is a high probability that your website sucks — and it’s not your fault. In fact, it’s probably not your web designer’s or web programmer’s fault either. I learned a long time ago that one person can not be an expert on all things. Designers make things pretty and programmers make things functional. And just because a person can write an email, it doesn’t mean they should be writing copy for a website. To make a truly good website, it takes all three disciplines. Don’t blame your graphic designer for making a pretty website that doesn’t work or your web programmer for an ugly website that does. Also, you can’t blame yourself for writing boring, meandering, pointless website copy.


At M+M we take a holistic and collaborative approach to building websites, and as a result, our clients love, love, LOVE their websites. More importantly THEIR clients and customers love their websites….and that means more business. How do we do this? When the M+M team begins the process of helping a client with branding and marketing, we first do an analysis of their website. We look at it from three distinct points of view: Creative, Content, and Functionality. 


  • Creative: Is your website visually appealing? Is the design fresh? Are the images intriguing? Can users access the information they need?
  • Content: Does the website copy tell users who you are and what you do in a succinct and clever way? Does the content include important SEO keywords so clients can find you through search engines like Google? Is the copy simple or complicated?
  • Functionality: Does your website work the way it’s supposed to? Does it load fast? Does it use the latest technology? Can you read it on a mobile device? Does the homepage simply flash “404?”


Ask yourself some of these questions and be honest about the answers. When you plan to make a new website, have a better plan. Be sure to think of a website from three different perspectives — Creative, Content, and Functionality. If you do this, chances are you’ll be happy with the result this time. If you call Madison+Main, I can guarantee you’ll be happy with the result.

Monday, May 24 — A Virtual Reality


Last week, two of our rockstars, Account Executive Jeremy Colb, and Creative Director Art Webb visited our client A. Smith Bowman Distillery up in Fredericksburg to snag some virtual tour footage for their website. The team worked with David Parrish from J&D Photo, a very creative partner of ours, and the final product is spectacular! 

A. Smith Bowman Distillery

Tuesday, May 25 — Back In The Saddle


For the first time in more than a year, I got into the studio to record some radio spots for Texas Inn. Grant and the talented team at Broadscope Media helped me sound like the great Sam Elliott. I smoked a pack of Lucky Strikes and used my southern drawl to record  some great words thanks to our Copywriter, Derek Fair. #ComeOnDownAndGitYaSome

Tuesday was also the first time in over a year that the entire team got together for a happy hour. The Madison+Main-iacs met at Brambly Park to toast Account Executive Andrew Simpson on his birthday. We chowed down on boojee appetizers (i.e waffle fries with truffle oil and shaved parmesan) and trendy local brews (i.e. pretentious locally-produced beers infused with grapefruit and other unholy items). I had pizza and a Bud Light.

Andrew Simpson, Account Executive

Wednesday, May 26 — Williams Lands At Williamsburg Landing!


Our client Williamsburg Landing has some exciting news — Michael Williams has joined the Life Plan Community as its new Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer. Congratulations, Michael, the team is lucky to have you! His expertise and wealth of experience will be a great fit for this active community and we can’t wait to work with you.

Thursday, May 27 — Best Of __________

It’s that time of year again! Join us as we help Birmingham Green with the InsideNoVA.com “Best Of” Contest! You can easily vote for Birmingham Green for Best Senior Living Facility

Friday, May 28 — Telly, Telly, Telly

Madison+Main added three shiny new Telly Awards to our collection this week! We won a silver and a bronze Telly for our friends at DRIVE SMART Virginia and a bronze for Virginia Energy Sense. Thanks to our partners Film Cry and Broadscope Media for their tremendous creativity and teamwork! Watch our award-winning spot today! #BoldBrandsWin #34AndCounting


Tell Awards for Madison+Main

A Few of Our Favorite Events

Saturday, June 12, 2021 | City Stadium
The Boxer Brief 5K Run/Walk raises the level of awareness of colorectal cancer while offering education in an effort to stop our country’s second cancer killer in men and women. Registration will be open until June 13.
June 26th, 2021 | 6:30 P.M. – 9:30 P.M. | Goochland Drive-In
The Virginia-West Virginia MS Society will host their first-ever celebration “Honoring Our Heroes” at the Goochland Drive-In. The program will include meaningful recognition of sponsors and their employees who have gone “above and beyond” during the pandemic to help our community.
“Don’t be sad…we live in a world with cheeseburgers.”

— Anonymous