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Every time I meet with a prospective client, whether it’s a business owner, a non-profit leader, or a government agency, they all say the same thing: “We hate our website.” They give a multitude of reasons — it doesn’t look right, it doesn’t work right, or the content just doesn’t make sense. Sometimes, they complain about all three things.

Yes, there is a high probability that your website sucks — and it’s not your fault. In fact, it’s probably not your web designer’s or web programmer’s fault either. I learned a long time ago that one person can not be an expert on all things. Designers make things pretty and programmers make things functional. And just because a person can write an email, it doesn’t mean they should be writing copy for a website. To make a truly good website, it takes all three disciplines. Don’t blame your graphic designer for making a pretty website that doesn’t work or your web programmer for an ugly website that does. Also, you can’t blame yourself for writing boring, meandering, pointless website copy.

At M+M we take a holistic and collaborative approach to building websites, and as a result, our clients love, love, LOVE their websites. More importantly THEIR clients and customers love their websites….and that means more business. How do we do this? When the M+M team begins the process of helping a client with branding and marketing, we first do an analysis of their website. We look at it from three distinct points of view: Creative, Content, and Functionality. 

  • Creative: Is your website visually appealing? Is the design fresh? Are the images intriguing? Can users access the information they need?
  • Content: Does the website copy tell users who you are and what you do in a succinct and clever way? Does the content include important SEO keywords so clients can find you through search engines like Google? Is the copy simple or complicated?
  • Functionality: Does your website work the way it’s supposed to? Does it load fast? Does it use the latest technology? Can you read it on a mobile device? Does the homepage simply flash “404?”

Ask yourself some of these questions and be honest about the answers. When you plan to make a new website, have a better plan. Be sure to think of a website from three different perspectives — Creative, Content, and Functionality. If you do this, chances are you’ll be happy with the result this time. If you call Madison+MainI can guarantee you’ll be happy with the result.