What’s Your Company’s Love Language?


This week, the Madison+Main-iacs discussed Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages. Chapman describes five basic styles that people use to effectively communicate their love. Do you know your Love Languages? This interesting topic got me thinking…how do these five Love Languages relate to your company’s brand? Can brands use the “Love Languages” to engage and communicate with clients and customers more effectively?


The Five Love Languages are Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, and Gift Giving. To break it down in simple terms, think of pizza as an instrument of love. (Not hard for me, I LOVE pizza.)



Can you think of ways to spend Quality Time with your customers? Maybe it’s with more face-to-face interactions. Of course you’re already providing great customer service, engaging events, and other things to show your love for customers. Right?


Gift Giving means “I-was-thinking-of-you-and-got-you-this.” A tangible expression of your love. Do you send your best clients and customers a Christmas gift? Why not do that for other special occasions or random holidays? I’ve never received an Arbor Day gift, but I bet I’d always remember the company that sent me one. Customers love free stuff, even if it’s a pen, coffee mug, or T-shirt.


Words of Affirmation means acknowledging and encouraging your customer or client and confirming how much you value them. “Thank you for your business. It means the world to us.” Acknowledging your customer in an authentic way and telling them that you really “get them,” is a great brand strategy. Dove did an awesome job with this in their latest campaign, The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.


Physical Touch may seem a little weird, especially for those who work in the HR Department, but stay with me here. Shaking hands, pats on the back, or a friendly hug are all ways we connect with others. Yes, we’ve missed Physical Touch during the pandemic, but there are other ways to provide “high-tech, high touch” without actually touching someone…especially with email, social media, and CRM systems.


Acts of Service is making someone’s day better by doing something for them. Is your customer service stellar? Do you serve the customer or do you inconvenience them with your processes or out-of-date websites? People are attracted to companies that serve their communities. Look no further than local brands like Midas of Richmond. They’re all about service and their customers love them for it.


Madison+Main’s primary Love Languages are Gift Giving and Acts of Service. We contribute frequently to great causes, in cash and pro bono services for local non-profit organizations. We serve our clients too, and once in a while they get awesome, unexpected gifts. This week was no exception.

Monday, May 10 — Take A Brief Moment

We’ve partnered once again with Hitting Cancer Below The Belt for their upcoming Boxer Brief 5K. We’ve been working with this incredible non-profit organization to raise awareness about colorectal cancer, our country’s second cancer killer in men and women. The event will take place Saturday, June 12, 2021, at Richmond’s City Stadium. Sign up today and, yes, I will be there in my cleanest new pair of Duluth Trading Company boxers.

Tuesday, May 11 — Perking Up

The week continued with Gift Giving for The Perkinson Center for the Arts & Education. The Madison+Main-iacs made a $1,000 contribution to the Chesterfield Cultural Arts Capital Campaign to permanently commemorate our support for the arts in Chesterfield County. With our donation, we received an engraved plaque on one of the seats in the new, state-of-the-art Jimmy Dean Theater. We dedicated our seat to our Fearless Leader Molly Whitfield with the inscription, “Molly Whitfield, a tough act to follow.” Thanks to Copywriter, Derek Fair for the brilliant inscription.


Wednesday, May 12 — $24,000 in 24 hours

Wednesday’s Gift Giving began with The Doorways Day of Giving! In an effort to raise $24,000 in 24 hours, The Doorways give-a-thon beat their goal and raised more than $25,000 to provide housing for guests whose loved ones are receiving life-saving medical care. The inaugural event was a smashing success and everyone who gave made a difference to the patients, family members, and caregivers who stay at The Doorways. It’s not too late to give a little or a lot.


Thursday, May 13 — Hug Your Family

Two of our senior living community clients, Cedarfield and Lucy Corr, gave the gift of visitation over Mother’s Day weekend and they were featured on the front page of Richmond Times-Dispatch! As restrictions start to wane, family members are beginning to be allowed back into communities to visit with their loved ones. Although the pandemic isn’t over, it’s about time we were able to physically touch our relatives, especially those who have been so isolated for the past year.

Friday, May 14 — We’re Ready For Events Again


The Virginia-West Virginia Chapter or the National MS Society is hosting its first in-person fundraising event of the year, The Dinner of Champions which will honor frontline heroes. This unique, one-of-a-kind event takes place Saturday, June 26, 2021, at the Goochland Drive-In. Attendees will spend the evening in their cars under the stars raising money to cure Multiple Sclerosis. PGA Tour champion Graeme McDowell will host the event via Zoom. Sign up today to attend or sponsor the event!

A Few of Our Favorite Events

Saturday, May 15, 2021 | 1600 Westwood Ave, Richmond, VA 23227
Join more than 50 local artists and makers who will be showcasing their work at on the lawn at Hermitage Richmond. Peruse local paintings, photography, pottery, fiber arts, handmade jewelry, woodworking, and more. Artists benefit from 100% of their sales and funds raised from the sale of vendor space will go towards Hermitage Richmond’s Opening Minds through Art (OMA) program, an evidence-based, intergenerational art-making program benefitting people with dementia. Rain date is Saturday, May 22.
“And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make.”

— The Beatles, “The End” 1969