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Boat stranded on a beach

Kennedy Heidel and Derek Fair here — real-life best coworkers and (integral) members of the Communications Team at Madison+Main. We’ve been put in charge of this edition of the Weekly Report since Dave Saunders didn’t feel like doing it.

When Derek and I lost contact with Dave on Monday afternoon*, we started to wonder where exactly he could be. Stranded on an island seemed like the most obvious answer. Our sixth-grade knowledge about the Bermuda Triangle was FINALLY coming in handy.

*Disclaimer: Okay fine. He called us right back when he got service. But this is more fun, right? You’re on the edge of your seat? What was he doing on this deserted, wild, and uninhabited mound of paradise? We couldn’t help but wonder. Here are some of our potential ideas:

  • Recreating the Tom Hanks’ classic Cast Away.
  • Starring in the reality TV show Survivor.
  • Trying to make sushi.
  • Giving up.

Alright, the first seems logical. After all, he’s well-equipped on The Tug Life with 337 MRE’s, a computer, and an off-brand Wi-Fi router. After making friends with a random large rubber ducky, which he named Wilma, Dave plugged in his router, booted up his computer, and rerouted his Amazon package to coordinates 25.0000° N, 71.0000° W. FedEx is so last season…

The second option? Well, if anyone knows Dave, you know how horrible he is with puzzles. He can never seem to get them to fit. So if Dave was all of a sudden a member of the reality TV show Survivor, we think he’d be voted off the island pretty quick. Plus, the contestants usually only eat coconuts and rice — and Dave is trying to stay away from carbs. Although he would proudly rock the bandana and be able to talk himself into any alliance, Dave’s strategic mind is better suited for brands and advertising campaigns, not finding hidden immunity idols in trees. Have you ever seen the man on an Easter egg hunt? It’s a disgrace. To both Easter, eggs, and hunting.

The third time’s the charm. Well, maybe. Dave is all about trying new things — new culinary dishes included. So maybe Dave is out there skinning a fish, drying out seaweed, and toasting sesame seeds under a magnifying glass. Or at least trying to. Although the only fish he knows how to catch are Nemo-sized.

The final thing Dave could be doing on his deserted island is, of course, giving up. Saltwater tastes bad, a shark is currently stalking his beached boat, and he misses his co-workers. So come home now Dave, we’re ready to have you back. Just make sure you even out the sunglass tan a little. No one wants to see that first thing Monday morning.

Special thanks to Senior Graphic Designer Erin Rebmann for honing her incredible Photoshop skills to create these completely fictional images to sell this completely fictional story. Don’t worry, Dave is safe, sound, and somewhere near CharlestonSouth Carolina. Kennedy and Derek may not be after this though…