A License To Print Money


My dad used to say if a business was super successful they had “a license to print money.” He tried his hand at business, twice without much success. His father, my grandfather owned a few restaurants, and despite working hard, he never achieved wealth. They both taught me valuable lessons in business. 


“Give people a good meal, at a good price, and smile when you give it to them,” Grandpa Saunders told me one time. It’s a simple lesson, but one that can be applied to any business. Good product + good value + good service = happy customers.


The fortunate companies who are highly profitable and have a never-ending supply of customers who want/need their products and services seem to have discovered something else. Location, location, location. Think about it. 


If I ever wanted to open a pizza place, I’d choose Venice Beach. I’d put my liquor store in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I’d plan my funeral parlor for Clearwater, Florida. I’d open an HVAC company in Scottsdale, Arizona. If I bought a weight loss franchise like Jenny Craig, I’d put it smack dab in the middle of Philadelphia.


Why? Because Venice Beach gets more tourists than Disneyworld. Green Bay has the highest per capita alcohol consumption in America and Clearwater has the highest percentage of adults over 70. And sorry Philly, you’re America’s fattest city.


Maybe you are fortunate enough to have “a license to print money,” but if you don’t, the only way to achieve ultimate success is a great brand and well-executed marketing plan. Call me. I’m a licensed professional.



Monday, March 22 — Home Run


Last week, our friends at Housing Families First (HFF) got some much-deserved accolades in the news. Richmond BizSense recently published an article about PadSplit, a company that produces an online marketplace of housing options for users with an average annual income of $25,000 or less. The company has teamed up with HFF to help the nonprofit’s efforts to help prevent homelessness in Richmond. Since the pandemic, income-based housing opportunities are even less prevalent than ever before. Also special thanks to HFF Executive Director Beth Vann-Turnbull, for “knocking it out of the park” when she spoke at my Rotary meeting this week. 


Tuesday, March 23 — A Ferrytale Beginning




On Tuesday, we invited our new client Trash Fairies into the office for a jam-packed day of CORE (CORE is our collaborative and facilitated brand development process we do with clients, and Trash Fairies – you gotta love the name – is an eight-year-old company that offers doorstep to dumpster disposal services for apartment complexes from Texas to Maryland.  Account Executive Jeremy Colb, Communications Director Kent Brockwell, Creative Director Art Webb, and Director of Business Development Leanne Ferry met with the Trash Fairies leadership team. Yes, there were jokes made about Leanne’s last name, but the meeting was super productive, according to all sides. We can tell already these are going to be some really fun clients to work with.


Wednesday, March 24 — Question Wednesday


Wednesday was #NationalGoofOffDay, so the Madison+Main-iacs kicked off this faux national holiday with a goofy question at our morning meeting— “What’s your most irrational fear?” I was surprised to learn that one colleague has a fear of small confined spaces. Another has nightmares of being stuck in an airport forever. And thanks to Graphic Design AJ Stuit, I now know the meaning of Trypophobia — an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. Now I have so many great ideas for April Fool’s Day

Speaking of April 1st, baseball is back next week. Are you ready? Our friends at COMPASS Entertainment Complex are re-opening their outdoor attractions on April 1st and you can get into the swing of things at their Irvington, Virginia-based entertainment complex. Batting cages, mini golf, go-karts, and much more. If you’re down near the river next weekend, you should swing by.


Thursday, March 25 — State of the City



Our creative team knocked it out of the park for the City of Chesapeake’s Economic Development this week. They created an excellent Annual Report. Yes it’s pretty, yes it’s well-written, but more importantly, it’s an incredible sales tool and highlights what a great job they are doing. Chesapeake Mayor Dr. Richard W. “Rick” West delivered the State of the City Address on Thursday and the Annual Report was featured as they roll out their new branding.

Friday, March 26 — Toasting Leanne!


Today we raise a glass to our super positive, always smiling, go-getter Leanne Ferry. Just like her favorite drink of choice (wine), she gets better with age and she never whines about anything. If I am late to a Zoom meeting, she smiles. If I say something stupid, she smiles. If I tell a bad joke, she laughs and we all love her laugh. Happy birthday, girlfraaand. And although you get your birthday as a paid day off at Madison+Main, I’m pretty sure she still worked all day. 


A Few of Our Favorite Events

100 Entertainment Drive, Irvington, VA 22480
Every Monday | 4 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Take advantage of COMPASS Entertainment Complex’s $20, two-hour time play! For $20, you and your family can get two hours of non-stop time at their arcade and attractions!
Last chance to buy your ticket is Wednesday, March 30
Tickets are only $50 and you get 20 chances to win great prizes from Green Top Hunt & Fish! Monies raised benefit some great local Richmond charities. Get the details on the raffle and buy your ticket today. Quick — the ticket sales end next Wednesday, March 30!
Cedarfield Fellowship Hall, 2300 Cedarfield Parkway, Richmond, VA 23233
Monday, March 29 | 1 p.m.
A commemoration and pinning ceremony at Cedarfield, a premier senior living retirement community, to unite, thank, and honor Vietnam War veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice in observance of National Vietnam War Veterans Day.

Got an upcoming event you want to share? Can we come? Send us the deets!


“The money is already printed. You just have to go get it.”

— Anonymous