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Madison+Main Weekly Report

On Sunday night I lost it. I mean, I totally lost it. I set my phone on a bench seat on the back of my boat and walked inside. I was gone for two seconds. Then T-Pain drove by on his mega yacht and threw a three-foot wake through the whole marina. Bloop. The phone went down into the murky waters of the Intracoastal Waterway. I lost my iPhone and after 24 hours of losing my mind, I realized just how dependent I am on this stupid phone.   

You know the feeling, don’t you? You don’t feel so smart when you lose a smartphone.   

I take my phone everywhere. I use it constantly. I text, tweet, post, snap, Instagram, and Facetime. It’s my camera. It’s my navigation. It’s my spell checker and fact-checker. I use it for work. I use it for play (seriously, I am addicted to Bricks Breaker Quest). So you can only imagine how lost I felt when I lost it. Thanks to Asurion insurance, I had my new Verizon iPhone within 24 hours. Yes, it was only a day, but man oh man, did I realize how dependent I am on mobile technology. Imagine it, I had to drive six miles to the airport and I had to actually read the signs along the way and figure out very difficult things — like which direction is north and how to calculate a 20 percent tip on my bar tab by using math. #carrytheone  

Your company might be advertising on radio, television, or the web, but are you marketing through mobile? Might want to think about that. Call me. I know a guy.