In April of 2012, the term “YOLO” — which means You Only Live Once — was one of the top five trending topics on social media worldwide. It had a 100% saturation in Google’s Search Terms, bolstered by the release of Drake’s “The Motto.” Soon, YOLO became “the cry of a generation,” and young people embraced a new care-free and worry-free lifestyle. They were young, bold, fearless, and ready to take on the world. And they documented it ad nauseam through selfies. I cannot tell you how many selfies I’ve seen of people climbing a mountain or sitting on a cliff. If you went skydiving or scuba diving or simply diving into a hotel pool, you got a picture of it and you tagged it #yolo. It was a cultural self-expression that “I’m alive and I’m free and I have overcome my fears.”


Four years later in 2016, FOMO — Fear Of Missing Out — peaked on social media and in global search trends. As it turns out, people seeing other people having fun created fear and anxiety. Believe it or not, seeing an endless parade of friend’s selfies doing fun and exotic things, created a “fear of missing out,” a mild form of anxiety from people who thought their friends were having more fun than they were. You can’t make this stuff up. 


In 2020, after quarantining for nearly four months, I predict NOMO to be the next top-trender. As in “no more.” As in YOLO is NOMO. Your summer plans are #NOMO. Wanna have a backyard BBQ? NOMO. And as far as that’s concerned, I don’t think FOMO is a big deal anymore either. How can you be jealous of what other friends are doing when they’re not doing anything? And apparently, ICYMI — In Case You Missed It — nomophobia is already a thing. According to Healthline, nomophobia is “the fear of not having your phone, known to be so persistent that it can severely affect your daily life and routine.”


As much as I hated it and as much as I’ve made fun of it through the years, I miss the days of YOLO. Last year before the pandemic, I hopped on a Bolt scooter and whizzed by the office at 35 MPH without a helmet. Was it stupid? Yes. Was it fun? Damn straight. Did my friends and colleagues experience FOMO? Probably. Will I ever ride a Bolt scooter again? Sadly, NOMO.





Monday, June 15 – I Love A Parade



On Monday we had a great call with our clients at Birmingham Green, located in Manassas, Virginia. Because of COVID-19, we have never actually met our clients in person and have worked using the miracle of modern technology; phone, email, and Zoom. This Saturday they are planning something extra special for the residents of the senior housing facility, hosting a Drive-Thru Father’s Day Parade. Friends, family, and members of the community will drive through the Birmingham Green campus to show their support for many of the Dads and Granddads who are still unable to receive visitors. What a wonderful way for people to show their support. And thanks to a little PR work, the story has been picked up by many publications in NOVA. Praying that it doesn’t rain on their parade.




Tuesday, June 16 – “R-O-T-A-R-Y, That Spells Rotary!” 



On Tuesday morning the Magnificent Midlothian Rotary Club met via Zoom and I think people are looking forward to getting back together in person. Next week we will host our annual Installation Banquet — live and in person — at Atlas 42 in Innsbrook. It will be nice to see so many friends and have a socially distant good time. Quite honestly, it will feel like old times because most of my fellow Rotarians aren’t really huggers to begin with. On another note, tomorrow I will join many of my fellow Rotarians as we take to the highways and byways of Chesterfield County to deliver special plaques, goody bags, and yard signs in recognition of the Chesterfield County Students of the Year. They didn’t get a big banquet this year but they’re still getting recognition for their outstanding achievements. 


On a personal note, I dropped by Colonial Shooting Academy Tuesday night and had a blast — see what I did there? — shooting up some paper targets. They have a new coronavirus 2020 target and I left it in shreds. #feltgood #pewpew





Wednesday, June 17 – All I Want For Father’s Day Is Bourbon



My kids, Hattie and Jack, both smart, good looking, talented, JMU Dukes, occasionally read the Weekly Report that their father works so hard to produce every Friday at 3 p.m. I need you to help me out, though. If for some reason they don’t read the Weekly Report this week, could you email them both and let them know that their hardworking father would love to have a bottle (or two) of A. Smith Bowman Distillery products for Father’s Day? Specifically, I would like one bottle of John J. Bowman Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey and one bottle of Isaac Bowman Port Barrel Finished Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey. You can email Hattie here and you can email Jack here.


In other news, A. Smith Bowman’s Master Distiller Brian Prewitt recorded a special Father’s Day virtual toast and this week the award-winning distillery in Fredericksburg announced that tours and tastings will resume July 1.



Thursday, June 18 – We’re Baaaaaaack!



For the first time in three months, The Insiders Club (a tips and leads Club founded in 1972) met in person at the newly reopened Commonwealth Club. Our temperatures were checked, we wore masks, we sat apart from each other, and the water was in bottles instead of fancy silver pitchers…but we were back. Nice to see so many friends in person. Lots of fist bumps, waves, and elbow fives, but next time, I think I’m going to go on a hugging spree. 


At high noon Thursday, we held our second weekly Convos with Clients featuring Housing Families First Executive Director Beth Vann-Turnbull. Beth and her team at HFF have done an amazing job helping at-risk communities deal with the effects of homelessness and get into permanent housing. The only problem with our Facebook Live video so far has been the host of the program. Yes, that’s me. Next week we will have another special guest, Andy Farmer, the Education Resources Manager at Virginia State Corporation Commission. Andy will give us an update on the Virginia Energy Sense program and since he is used to being on TV, I am sure he will do a better job than me on FB Live.




Friday, June 19 – Holiday Weekend


Today, in honor of Juneteenth, we let the Madison+Main-iacs know that they are getting an additional four hours of PTO this month to make their voices heard. They can use the time to go vote or participate in a cause of their choosing. People are very passionate about change right now and we want to make it easy for them to participate in the conversation. After doing some research on the origins of Juneteenth and how it has been celebrated through the years, we’ve decided to make it a paid holiday at Madison+Main moving forward. Here is a great link to learn more about this important holiday


And as a final reminder kids, Father’s Day is Sunday. It is not celebrated by many people, especially when compared to much more important holidays such as Mother’s Day or Arbor Day, but just remember Dads are people too. They may have forgotten your name when you were a small child. They may have forgotten where they placed the keys. They may have forgotten Mom’s birthday. Heck, let’s face it, Dads forget a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean we have to forget them.






A Few of Our Favorite Events


Birmingham Green’s Drive-Thru Father’s Day Parade

8605 Centreville Rd. | Manassas, VA

June 20, 2020 | 11 a.m.


Due to the coronavirus crisis, visitation is still restricted at Birmingham Green, but they are hosting a physically distanced hosting a Drive-Thru Father’s Day Parade. Anyone interested in participating in the Birmingham Green Father’s Day Family Parade should contact Life Enrichment Manager Vivian Coda at 571-268-0646 or vcoda@birminghamgreen.org.


Madison+Main’s “Convos with Clients”

Virtual Event | Richmond, VA

June 25, 2020 | 12 p.m.


We are back with a new weekly series for you! We’re thrilled to announce “Convos with Clients” every Thursday at 12 p.m. Join us on Facebook Live as we talk to our clients and friends about their various industries, businesses, expertise, and lives! On June 25 we will be talking with Education Resources Manager at Virginia State Corporation Commission Andy Farmer.



Got an upcoming event you want to share? Can we come? Send us the deets!




“Carpe Diem.”

Horace (23 BC)