Good News…By Appointment Only



Hey folks,


We’re back with more good news this week, but we really had to work hard to find it. Hallelujah! Today is Day One of Phase One in certain parts of the Commonwealth. That’s good news, right? Eh, kinda. If you live outside of the confines of Richmond or NOVA, today is a good day.


The Madison+Main-iacs and I started off the week with high hopes and expectations. We were almost giddy at the MMMMM (Madison+Main Monday Morning Meeting). “Well, I can’t wait to go have my nails done,” said a co-worker. “I’m looking forward to having a beer at Hardywood,” said another. The entire group sounded like a pack of teenagers that had been grounded for eight weeks and Dad (The Governor) said we were no longer on restriction. #Woohoo 


But Friday rolled around and the nail salon was still closed. I couldn’t get my haircut in the city because barbershops were closed. By the time I heard that Goochland Drive-In Theater was open, they had sold out of tickets. We were so desperate for entertainment that I was going to get a carload of coworkers together and go to the Richmond Zoo — and drive through it. Then I learned the price was $60 a carload. Sixty bucks to go to the Richmond Zoo. #NoThanks Quite honestly, I wouldn’t pay that much to go to the zoo even if the Tiger King was my driver. 


However, there were several things that lifted my spirits this week:


  • At midnight tonight, the Outer Banks opens for visitors. I will be crossing the Wright Memorial Bridge at 12:01 a.m. Yes, I booked a house in Nags Head next week. If I still have to work from home, why not work at a home on the beach? 




  • Despite 24-hour coverage of the next thing that will kill us, longtime entomologist, Dr. Tim Kring of Virginia Tech, said that there’s little evidence that Murder Hornets have taken root in Washington State and the chance of them migrating to Virginia is 1 in 143 Billion. 


  • Speaking of 143 Billion, that’s how rich Amazon-founder Jeff Bezos is. A news report this week estimated that he would be the world’s first Trillionaire by 2026. That might not be good news for you, but it’s damn good news for Jeff Bezos.


  • Residents of Lynchburg, Virginia — tired of cooking for themselves and looking to support their favorite local restaurants — poured into both locations of the Texas Inn. Daily sales numbers this week were up 40% and both locations opened their outdoor dining sections. Fancy, eh?





“There is no bad time for good news.”

— Stephen King