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Hey folks,


Last Friday’s Weekly Report, entitled “So Much Good News I Can’t Stand It,” packed a powerful punch — 779 words of good news. Apparently you were hungry for good news, as we had a 24% open rate, four points higher than our average. More than 50 loyal readers of the Weekly Report emailed me back and only one of you complained. (You know who you are…thanks Jimmy.) 


Well do not fear, my friends, we are back with more good news. Most of this news will be news to you because the news business isn’t about good news. I have scoured the four corners of the internet to find positive news items. And I will continue to do this until government officials allow me to leave my home, eat in a bar, or drink at a restaurant.


  • Speaking of restaurants, my favorite DoorDasher, Jack Saunders, and I traveled down to the Texas Inn in Lynchburg, Virginia, and brought back chili and Cheesy Westerns for 19 happy families. Current COVID-19 restrictions have limited my restaurants to takeout and delivery only, so we seized on the opportunity and expanded our delivery area to a 131-mile radius. We are making another “cannonball run” this Sunday so if you’d like some delicious T-Room food, send a message through our Facebook page before 5 p.m. Saturday.
  • Today is the day Virginia starts getting back to normal as dentists have reopened and elective surgeries have started at Virginia hospitals. I don’t need any work done, but I’m so excited about getting out of the house that I am seriously considering hurling myself down the stairs just so I can get a hip replacement. Kudos to the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association and their CEO Sean Connaughton who laid out a very compelling, data-based argument for reopening Virginia’s health care system in a letter to the Governor. 
  • As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Sycamore Vet has upgraded its online presence and Madison+Main launched their beautiful new website yesterday. Check out the new and improved sycamorevet.net and let us know what you think. Of course, I’m also a big fan of their tagline “Love Unleashed.” After all, I wrote it. 
  • Thomas the Tank Engine, the second-most famous thing to ever come from the Isle of Man, celebrated his 75th birthday this week. News reports showed a redheaded Canadian bloke reading from the book
  • Speaking of bedtime stories, the friendly folks at Camp Hanover have been reading every night to their chickens. If you’re exhausted after a long day of homeschooling, check out Camp Hanover’s Facebook page and let Colleen read to your kids. I’m sure the chickens won’t mind. Another fun activity would be having your kiddos help pick names for the newborn chicks. I guess we would call them spring chickens?
  • For many of us, time has stood still over the past seven weeks. It got so bad that I stopped wearing my watch every day. As a result, the battery died so I made a quick trip Wednesday to see Mike and Vera at Vera’s Fine Jewelers in Midlothian. Mike replaced the battery and we shared some socially distant Chick-fil-A together for lunch. I am pleased to report that Vera’s Fine Jewelers has reopened for limited hours and are taking all necessary precautions to protect their staff and their customers. As a side note, they also have some amazing gifts for mom this Mother’s Day. Check out their Facebook page for some beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind bling bling for mom.
  • And the final piece of good news Chesterfield, Missouri resident, RudolphRudi” Heider, celebrated his 107th birthday by beating COVID-19. Rudi has seen a lot over his long life, proving that a positive attitude can help you overcome anything. After all, think about it. Not only did Rudi beat the coronavirus, but he also survived through the Great Depression, World War II, and the Spanish Flu.





“Someone has to spread the good news that we survived.”

— Stephenie Meyer (American Novelist)