Building A Car Without Instructions



Can you imagine how difficult and frustrating it would be to build a car without a set of instructions? Even if you knew the difference between a connecting rod and a crankshaft, it would be a tough task. Now imagine trying to put that car together without a design and many of the parts were missing. Impossible, right?


Yet that’s how many companies try to build a brand. They don’t have a plan. They don’t have a design. They don’t have all the right pieces. And they don’t have an owner’s manual. So the project either fails or takes forever, and if by some miracle you get to the finish line, no one is happy with the result.


At Madison+Main, we look at building brands like building cars. What kind of brand do you need? Economy or luxury? Rugged? Reliable? Sporty? – take your pick. At first, you have to ask yourself ‘where is this brand taking us?’ – all the way to the end or just from point A to point B?


So we start with a plan. Then we create a design. Then we build your brand – and all of the pieces. And we also give clients an “owners manual,” so to speak. It’s called a Brand Standards Manual, also referred to as a Brand Style Guide. The Brand Standards Manual gives you all the info on how to build and maintain your brand. It gives you guidelines for all things brand-related; signage, website, ads, business cards, PowerPoint templates, flyers, brochures, e-mail signatures, and favicons.


I ask again, can you imagine how difficult and frustrating it would be to build a brand without a set of instructions? If you don’t have a brand, call me. We build some great ones. Our brands really turn heads and they get great mileage. How much further can I go with this car analogy?








Monday, August 26 – Our Pit Crew Was On Point



On Monday our team spent the day at Richmond Raceway producing a commercial for our friends at DRIVE SMART Virginia. It was a smooth and successful shoot. Overall, the Madison+Main-iacs were thrilled to get paid to tailgate and take laps around the track. Huge thanks to Broadscope Media, all of the extras, and President of Richmond Raceway Dennis “One Take” Bickmeier for his crucial cameo.



Monday evening I met with the folks from CowanGates at Tazza Kitchen to catch up and talk about future marketing strategies. It was great to see everyone, share the excitement, and eat some good food in-between.







Tuesday, August 27 – Humor Me

Tuesday morning, Office Manager Katie “I’m Just Gonna Do It” Rossberg added “part-time comedian” to her ever-growing skill set list. In the process of picking a picture of me to send Harrisonburg Chamber of Commerce for their program ad, she sent one of herself. She took a step further by also including the caption, “Katie, who is really in charge, but sending Dave’s photo.” Ya gotta have fun at work, am I right?



Wednesday, August 28 – Bourbon For Breakfast



On Wednesday our friends from A. Smith Bowman Distillery and Sazerac were in town and I can soberly say that’s the earliest I’ve ever included myself in a convo about bourbon. We started the day with a great meeting at Virginia Tourism Corporation and finished up at Madison+Main with a strategic planning meeting for the upcoming year. We are excited to continue working with them on PR, branding, and driving tourism to Fredericksburg, Virginia. For lunch, we introduced them to a Richmond staple — Sally Bell’s Kitchen.


Thursday, August 29 – To Chip Or Not To Chip?



On Thursday afternoon the Madison+Main-iacs were having one of their entertaining weekly debates over lunch. The question of the day was: When you open a bag of chips, which chip is the first one you reach for? The folded chip? The fully intact chip? The extra crispy chip? The “who cares, give me a handful” chips? Or do you say “nah” to a bag of chips that other people’s hands have been in like Director of Account Services Kaitlin Thomas? Which chip do you pick? Join in on the fun and let us know your favorite on our Facebook post. #BoldChipsWin





Friday, August 30 – Clucking Around




If you read the Weekly Report from last week, you remember me speaking about Popeye’s viral chicken sandwich craze. Their bold new social media campaign took the internet by storm. This week, the war between fast food chains continued. In my travels, I spotted a packed Popeyes next to a deserted Captain D’s. That’s sad in itself but what made it worse was their big sign out front that read, “Don’t b chikn, eat mor fish.” A clear bite out of Chick-fil-A’s marketing campaign. See what I did there? #FishyMarketing



A Few of Our Favorite Events


Richmond Family Magazine Education Expo

Science Museum of Virginia | Richmond, VA


September 22, 2019 | 12:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Meet representatives from schools and community colleges, tutoring services, financial aid resources, and much more. Attend break-out sessions and learn more about topics such as computer science in schools, saving for higher education, and single-gender education. Explore the Science Museum for free and also enter to win a 2-night stay at Gaylord National Resort & Conference Center, including tickets to ICE! Plus hear Huntington Learning Center franchise owner Larry Frank’s discussion on “A Parent’s Survival Guide” and how today’s busy parents can be empowered to help their struggling child improve homework performance.




Virginia Craft Spirits Roadshow


A. Smith Bowman Distillery | Fredericksburg, VA


September 28, 2019 | 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.


The tastiest roadshow in Virginia is coming to A. Smith Bowman Distillery! Present by the Virginia Distillers Association and A. Smith Bowman Distillery, the Virginia Craft Spirits Roadshow provides a wonderful opportunity for spirit lovers to meet Virginia distillers firsthand and sample artisan spirits as well as craft cocktails from multiple Virginia distilleries under one roof. Guests can save by purchasing advanced tickets.




Magnificient Midlothian Food Festival


Westchester Commons | Midlothian, VA


October 12, 2019 | 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.


Eat, Drink and Be Magnificent! It’s the 31st Annual Magnificent Midlothian Food Festival – Presented by Wegmans. Live Entertainment with performances by South of James and The Party Fins! Live music all day! Enjoy small plates from area restaurants, wine, beer (including Craft Beer), mixed drinks, complimentary soft drinks, and more. Proceeds benefit local charities. Get your tickets today!


Got an upcoming event you want to share? Can we come? Send us the deets!




“A dream without ambition is like a car without gas. You’re not going anywhere.”

— Sean Hampton