Just Because People Say It, Doesn’t Make It True


Whether you’re a “come here” or a “from here” you can surely agree that Southerners have a unique way of communicating. In my family, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and anyone else who was older than me, loved to give me advice when I was growing up. As I’ve grown older, I have become more discerning in who I take advice from. For example, getting financial advice from the uncle who has three failed businesses is something I avoid at all costs. In my senior year of high school, I lamented the fact that I had not heard from my #1 college choice UVA. My dad offered up some advice. “No news is good news,” he said. He was wrong. The acceptance letter never came. As it turns out, no news was actually terrible news. In fact, in my business career, I have learned that if you didn’t get a timely response on a request, a RFP, or a signature on a contract, it’s more than likely bad news. Not knowing is terrible. Not knowing after weeks of trying to get the information is the worst.


Some will tell you, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” But I’m here to tell you that’s total BS. Take it from me, before you switch jobs or start a new business, or break ties in a relationship, take a realistic look at where you are. Chances are you’ve already got it pretty darn good.


They also say, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Well, if I can use Snapchat and Instagram, then that theory is debunked. Now if I can only teach my 11 year-old beagle Gertie to stay out of trash cans.


“All’s well that ends well,” is another one I have a problem with. Ask any of your friends that have ever gotten a divorce. If it ends well, you probably should have stayed married. #AllsWellThatEndsLol



Monday, June 17 – On The Road Again



Monday morning we traveled to Williamsburg to meet with our new clients Two Rivers Country Club. We had a fun and productive CORE Meeting and are looking forward to partnering with them on some new marketing campaigns. If you’ve never been it’s an incredibly beautiful neighborhood, golf course, and club.



Tuesday, June 18 – Always In The Spirit








On Tuesday, the 18 experimental Abraham Bowman bourbons went live on A. Smith Bowman Distillery‘s website. And if you’re anything like me, you noticed instantly. Yes, I’ll admit that I was already on their page. Drooling at my desk. Searching for their new Apple Brandy. #NoShame Check out the stories behind each uniquely produced spirit. I promise you won’t regret it.



Wednesday, June 19 – Did You Enjoy The Mixer?







On Wednesday we had our long-awaited Summer Mixer. It was a huge success. Thank you to all of our clients, friends, and members of the media who came to our Headquarters on the corner 1st and Cary to mix and mingle with the Madison+Main-iacs. It’s amazing how many people show up when “Free Beer” is listed on the flyer. #EmptyFridge #ListingThatEveryTimeFromNowOn



Thursday, June 20 – The Dullest Drive Ever



Thursday night I did something I vowed to never do again. I drove to Dulles International Airport through rush hour DC traffic. The two-hour trip took four hours and so help me Jesus, as God is my witness, “cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye,” I will never, ever, ever, drive north of Fredericksburg ever again. I picked up my son Jack who has been visiting his mom and grandparents in the UK for a month. It’s nice to have him back, but the next time he flies overseas I will be sending him out of Richmond, Norfolk, Raleigh/Durham, Charlotte, or Atlanta. I don’t care if I have to drive him nine hours South to Atlanta, I will never, ever, use Dulles International Airport again. #QuoteMeOnThat #IfYouThinkTheGrassIsGreenerInNorternVirginiaYoureAnIdiot



Friday, June 21 – Gimmie A Five






Today is National Selfie Day. Or for millennials, just a typical Friday. I recently took a selfie and then our Graphic Design team Photoshopped it and put a cowboy hat on me. Yes, these are now T Room bucks to be used at Texas Inn. We traveled all the way to Lynchburg and handed some out this week. Let me know if you’re visiting The Burg anytime soon and I’ll send you a $5 coupon with my face on it.



A Few of Our Favorite Events


Toby Town RVA Grand Opening Pawty

Toby Town RVA | Richmond, VA

June 22, 2019 | 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Grab your family (including the furry ones) and join us for a day of games, giveaways, vendors, dog adoptions, and food trucks! It’s the perfect opportunity to tour Toby Town RVA’s vibrant facility and meet their dog-loving team! The first 150 guests get a free made-to-order Joey’s Hot Dog, and the first 500 guests get a free Kona Ice!


Got an upcoming event you want to share? Can we come? Send us the deets!



“Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.”

— Edgar Allan Poe