“…Find out what it means to me.”


The late Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin lamented a lack of respect in her 1967 hit, “RESPECT.”


It wasn’t just a catchy tune, because it quickly became an early anthem of the Civil Rights movement. It was brash, loud, and edgy. It was bold. The old adage was that “respect is earned.” Aretha demanded it. She said respect me or I’m gone.


Across generations, racial and religious lines, and between the sexes, we have always moved forward once we showed respect to others. A new law is a compromise between lawmakers who found common ground. A sale or a business deal occurs the same way. People want respect and when they don’t get it, things go bad.


When they don’t respect their family members, everything falls apart. When we don’t respect our colleagues, communication fails. When we don’t show respect for authority, people get hurt. Cops and gangsters both use guns when they’re “disrespected.”


Imagine all of the societal issues that could be solved just by showing some respect; domestic violence, bullying, police shootings, gang violence, divorce, pollution, etc.


I found this simple list online of things we can do that earn others’ respect.


Be polite.

Act respectfully.

Listen well.

Be helpful.

Don’t make excuses.

Let go of anger.

Be willing to change.


Respectfully submitted,

Dave Saunders


Monday, May 6 – Let’s Vertigo On Another Retreat




Monday was the first day back from ourAnnual Company Retreat. We cruised to the beautiful Bahamas and Key West. It was a great time and a huge success. The ship didn’t wreck. Everyone is still alive. And we got a lot closer…literally. #TinyRooms Once back on land, we occasionally found ourselves wobbling around the office and swaying back and forth at our desks, but that didn’t stop us from getting back to bold ideas. #WobbleBabyWobbleBaby


Tuesday, May 7 – A Colorful Event At Lucy Corr 





On Tuesday Communications ManagerKent Brockwell and Account ExecutiveHaleigh Lader attended Lucy Corr’sCork & Canvas event. It was an outstanding evening. Wine & Design did a wonderful job channelling everyone’s inner van Gogh. The residents loved showing their artistic side and by the end of the day, there were many masterpieces. Be sure you keep an eye on theirFacebook page for more fun upcoming events.



Wednesday, May 8 – Let’s Write In Chocolate For A Day




As if celebrating a new job wasn’t exciting enough, this week the good times continued as we wished newly-appointed Jr. Graphic Designer Jenna Farley a happy birthday. We got her a very nice card. Her friends got her a very nice slice of cheesecake (which she had one bite of after sharing it). They also insisted that the Cheesecake Factory servers embarrassingly sung to her. Birthdays are the best, am I right?


Hey…whatever works for a sweet, free treat.


Thursday, May 9 – The Missing Link



Thursday afternoon Jr. Copywriter Derek Fair spotted a broken url link in a creative brief. It was the paper version. Either way, that’s what copywriters do. #ProofingPros Apparently, “They have been running an old commercial (found here)” doesn’t translate well across all mediums.



Friday, May 10 – Take Me Home Country Roads


It’s been hard putting together the Weekly Report this week, because I’ve been traveling the backroads of Virginia driving from Richmond to Lynchburg to Fork Union to Harrisonburg and back to the Capital City. On a map it looks like I’ve driven a very unusual parallelogram. Jack and his Malian friend, Madou are on leave this weekend so I picked them up from Fork Union and shuttled them toJMU, where my daughter Hattie is moving out furniture at the end of the semester. And why not? They have young, strong backs and I do not. They didn’t earn any pay for moving, but I bought them a bag of Cheesy Westerns. Hattie is doing great, but she has accumulated a truckload of JMU apparel. I’ve never seen such a mound of clothes. There is purple and gold everywhere, enough to fill up The Beast, aka my beloved Jeep Wrangler. All kidding aside, I’m very excited to have both of my “babies” with me this weekend.



A Few of Our Favorite Events


7th Annual HCB2 Boxer Brief 5K

Stony Point Fashion Park | N. Chesterfield, VA

June 8, 2019 | 8-10 a.m.


For the seventh year in a row, underwear-clad runners, joggers, and walkers will be descending on Stony Point Fashion Park in the name of colorectal cancer awareness. The Boxer Brief 5K is Hitting Cancer Below The Belt‘s largest fundraiser and awareness event of the year. Plus, this year’s event features a post-race stretch led by Bryant Johnson, personal trainer and author of “The RBG Workout,” who you might’ve seen on Stephen Colbet’s show. Even if you aren’t a runner, this is a really fun event to attend and the Madison+Main-iacs will be there, too! Registration is now open!


8th Annual Father’s Day Festival

  1. Smith Bowman Distillery | Fredericksburg, VA

June 15, 2019 | 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Give dad a day he won’t forget and head up to Virginia’s oldest distillery for a day of tours, tastings, great food, and live music. Plus, don’t miss the annual Barrel Regatta at 1 p.m., where dads will be competing against each other for glory and bragging rights as they paddle homemade bourbon barrel boats to the finish line. Learn more on the Distillery’s Facebook page.

Got an upcoming event you want to share? Can we come? Send us the deets!




“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.