Because I’m Happi


Spellcheck be damned. This week at Madison+Main, we worked on being happi, with an “I” not a “Y.” Why? We don’t exactly know.


What I do know is that my week was filled with happiness because our COO Molly Whitfield was in town. On Wednesday she brought in Happiness Coach Vernon Brown, owner of What’s Your Happi?, to present to the saddest, most downtrodden group of pessimists I know; my fellow Madison+Main-iacs.


You know I’m kidding. You read the Weekly Report. You can see how generally happi these folks are. But they are also busy. Busy leads to stressed. Stressed leads to tired. And tired people aren’t happi. So Molly had the brilliant idea of bringing in Vernon. It was a great session, and I highly recommend him for you or your company.


My favorite exercise was to write down three things that make you happy. These things can’t involve buying something (or drinking something). Mine were family, friends, and fishing. But I had to throw out fishing because I have to buy poles, ice, bait, tackle, gear, and fishing licenses in at least three different states.


So I replaced fishing with VCU Rams basketball. I’m writing this from sunny South Carolina, where I will see my beloved VCU Rams crush the UCF Knights and the tallest b-baller on the planet, “Soft” Tacko Fall. On Sunday, I’ll be even happier when VCU upsets the number 1 seed Duke to advance to the Sweet 16. We missed making the NCAA Tournament last year, and I haven’t been happi since. In fact, I’m so happi that I dropped $117.78 at Barnes & Noble on new VCU gear.


VCU GO RAMS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, March 18 – The Perfect Bracket



To start the week off right we had ourMadison+Main Monday Morning March Madness Meeting. #MoreMs Everyone selected their upsets, locked in their champs, and gave their $10 buy in fee to Jr. Copywriter Derek Fair(although they could have simply handed it over to me since I’m going to win.) This year, we’re going old school and manually keeping up with our brackets by printing them out on paper as opposed to going to ESPN.com. It’s the GenX thing to do. Who do you think will win this yearsNCAA Championship? Let Office Manager Katie Rossberg know your prediction!


Tuesday, March 19– Feeding the Beast


On Tuesday morning I realized we had not done a video in about a month, so I decided it was time to shoot another one to feed our social media pages. As I rummaged through our overstocked snack shelf, I found myself questioning, “What flavor of Bold Rock goes best with Pop-Tarts?” Although it wasn’t the toughest decision of my life, it was definitely a difficult one. The #cinnamonilly Pop-Tart ended up winning. It was so good it made me create a new word. Check out the taste test for yourself.




Wednesday, March 20 – I Flippin’ Love Pancakes



Wednesday morning we celebrated Molly’s birthday a day late with a super special surprise breakfast. Communications Manager Kent Brockwell brought several grease-stained bags of McDonald’s biscuits. The Account Executives brought champagne and orange juice (you know why). Derek brought his boysenberry syrup from Aunt Sarahs.#CanISmellYourSyrup And Graphic Designer Erin Rebmann brought something we all craved. Pancakes. Luckily, I brought my appetite. It’s a rare occasion when the Madison+Main-iacs are all in one place, so we got proof by snapping a photo with our favorite things from around the office. #BoldBrandsWin #PoleBrandsWin


Thursday, March 21 – 365 Days as a Madison+Main-iac



Thursday was Art Director Carissa Ghaffari’s one year anniversary with Madison+Main. I wanted to take her to Fighting Fish (her favorite restaurant ever) but it was unexpectedly closed so we jumped across the street to Lucy’s, home of Richmond’s best hamburger. (I don’t know if that’s exactly true, but I heard it somewhere.) Just like me, Carissa is a raving VCU Rams fan and is on her way to cheer them on in South Carolina today. #GoRams




Friday, March 22- Carolina on my Mind


For the second week in a row I found myself in North Carolina…actual North Carolina. No offense to my friends who are Carolinians, but you could swap outGreensboro, North Carolina for Greenville, South Carolina and no one would ever notice because they’re both green. Not to mention they both have a lot of Cracker Barrels. And they both have a bunch of lousy drivers.

A Few of Our Favorite Events


Martin Luther King Middle School | Richmond, VA
March 23, 2019
The HCB2 crew is heading out to the east end to take part of the VCU Community Health Fair! Their knowledgable team will reach out to community members and talk about colon health and colorectal cancer prevention. The inflatable colon should be a hit!
Madison+Main March Media Mixer
ShipLock Brewing | Richmond, VA
March 28, 2019
Join the Madison+Main-iacs from 6—8 p.m. for some delicious beer and great conversation! Each guest will receive a complimentary beer ticket, as well as the chance to win an awesome door prize! To RSVP please contact Office Manager Katie Rossberg!


Got an upcoming event you want to share? Can we come? Send us the deets!


“Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that, who cares? He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes!”

— Billy Connolly