NO REGRETS | Weekly Report for October 26, 2018

No Regrets


I once saw a picture of a guy with a tattoo on his arm that read “NO REGERTS.”


Rarely can someone say they’ve truly lived a life where they have no regrets. Everyone has a few instances they wished had never happened, a couple of moments when you look back and say “Boy, I wished I had a do-over on that one.” Perhaps, you failed to act when called upon, didn’t accept the dream job offer, or simply “loved and lost.”


Some regrets stem from choices, and others come from experiences. Getting a tattoo that’s misspelled might be a regret of experience. Choosing to get a tattoo in the middle of your face might be a regret of choice.


I have a friend named Bill, a former Marine, who told me he’s had a great life. He’s happy. He’s got a fantastic job. He has a great wife and kids. As he rounds 50, he has proclaimed to me that he has no regrets. First, I congratulated him and thought how wonderful it must be to live life that way, then I pointed out the blurry blue unicorn he has tattooed on his left arm and the name of his first wife on his right arm.


“Yeah, except those I guess,” he acknowledges, scratching at the tats. His third wife told me she just laughs at both of them.


As for me, I have had a few regrets over the course of my life, but I try not to dwell on them. I may have regrets, but I don’t have any tattoos…yet.


For my 51st birthday next week, I’m thinking about getting one. What kind of tattoo should I get? Your comments are always welcome.


Monday, Oct. 22 – Texas Inn Takeover


Monday morning was unlike any other. The Madison+Main-iacs arrived at 9 a.m. to a party bus parked out front of the office, equipped with a stripper pole and zebra print seats #extra. Without asking any questions, besides the address to the destination, the driver hauled the Main-iacs nearly two hours up the road to Lynchburg‘s legendary Texas Inn, where I was waiting anxiously. Once they arrived to the blue-roof and scent of chili and Cheesey Westerns, the driver uttered in disbelief, “Y’all drove all this way for a bite to eat?!” to which they replied, “No, you drove all this way.”


As I treated them to free lunch and showed them around my old stomping grounds in the Burg, we made our way to the second location, aka the T-Room, where we continued to eat good. Then, I sent them back to RVA with the itis. Well, specifically Office Manager Katie Rossberg, Junior Copywriter Derek Fair, and Art Director Carissa Ghaffari, who all fell asleep three minutes into the trip.





Tuesday, Oct. 23 – Shadow Day


I tried to come up with a clever headline for today but I must admit, shadow puns can be pretty dark. On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of welcoming VSU student, Destiny Hodges along with her camera crew into the office. She shadowed our productive morning huddle, met the Madison+Main-iacs – including our amazing CCO out-of-stater Molly Whitfield, and experienced what a typical workday inside of an agency truly feels like. She did not say she liked it, nor did she say she disliked it. So, it was a success in my book.



Later in the evening, we had a Main-iac University lunch-and-learn where we got to hear all about our super sweet Account Manager Leanne Ferry while we demolished Potbelly sandwiches. We learned what Leanne’s ideal Sunday consists of, how she secretly wants to commit grand theft auto using my Jeep, and if she had to get an on-the-spot tattoo it would be of the Texas Inn logo. Which reminds me…we’re considering a new promotion. If you join in and get Texas Inn themed ink, you get FREE Cheesey Westerns for life. Well, on second thought…scratch that. That promotion didn’t work out too well for Domino’s.



Wednesday, Oct. 24 – Bring Out Your Coats


In addition to learning fun facts about Leanne, she also inspired us to participate in a coat drive, something she’s wanted to one day make a project of her own. That being said, the Main-iacs are currently rounding up gently used coats for kids and adults in the surrounding areas. We would love to have our Weekly Report readers clean out their closets and help us with donations. Feel free to swing by the office and drop off any winter-wear you wish to give!

Also on Wednesday, the magnificent Midlothian Rotary Club celebrated World Polio Day by donating $3,500–$100 for each year of our glorious history–to help Rotary International to wipe Polio off the face of the Earth. We are very, very close to eradicating Polio worldwide and I am proud of my fellow Rotarians for making such a generous gift.


Thursday, Oct. 25 – Eventful Evenings

If you missed our chili cook off last week, don’t fret, you have another chance to eat some delicious chilis with awesome people coming up next week. Our client Lucy Corr is hosting their 3rd Annual Chili Cook Off next Tuesday, October 30 from 11:00-1:30 p.m. We made the invitations for this event, which I think are pretty neat. Head on over to eat chili and even take a tour of their awesome facility!



CrossKeys Vineyards Gala Facebook page went live today! We had a fun time designing the cover photo for the “A Night In Paris” event benefiting St. Judes Children Hospital. The night entails a six course plated dinner and a bottle of your favorite CrossKeys wine per couple. If you haven’t yet, grab your ticket today! $100 per person, which includes the plated dinner, live entertainment, non-alcoholic beverages, bottle of wine and gratuity.


Friday, Oct. 26 –  The Perfect Shot


Carissa Ghaffari and Creative Director, Art Webb headed to the Midlothian Athletic Club to shoot for FC Richmond‘s new futsal league. They snapped a ton of great photos, both of the exclusive courts and of games being played. Carissa even positioned herself on the floor to get the perfect shot, of the perfect shot.



We spent the rest of the day designing the landing page for VHHA’s Fall Conference. Speaking of which, today is the last day to register for the event, so be sure to save yourself a seat! You truly won’t want to miss this!