PURPLE HAIR DON’T CARE | Weekly Report for October 19, 2018

Purple Hair Don’t Care


There is a psychology to color. Red can mean bold but it can also mean angry. Green can mean go but it’s also the color of nature. Purple is one of my favorite colors because it is regal, sophisticated, and sometimes edgy.


It just so happens that this week two of my rockstar princesses went purple. First, Carissa “Trendsetter” Ghaffari dyed her hair the loveliest shade of lavender. Soon after, Katie “Sunshine” Rossberg took a trip to the salon and came back with raspberry-colored locks. Knowing that my favorite color is purple, I think they did this because it was Boss’ Appreciation Day this week, proving once again that I work with the best people on earth. I heard Art “Been There Done That” Webb wants to take his turn with the purple next on his goatee. #CantWait


Whatever plans you have for this weekend, may they be filled with purple.


Monday, Oct. 15 – Like We Strive for Grape-ness


I guess we can say that Katie and Carissa have drank that Madison+Main Kool-Aid, because they are proving to be bold in every way. In addition to their work ethic, these two now standout in another sense…literally. #BoldHairWins




Tuesday, Oct. 16 – Like a Boss


As you may have seen on social media, Tuesday was Boss’ Appreciation Day. While I have started to feel like there is a “day” for everything (Tequila Day, Pizza Day, and Dog Day to name a few), this is one made up day that I can get on board with. While my team makes every day feel like Boss’ Day, they made me feel extra special by gifting me a 6 pack of Budweiser and a Care Bear Onesie. My only question is why they chose to get me a Grumpy Bear onesie… #GrumpyDave



On Tuesday we launched a very exciting school curriculum program for our client Virginia Energy Sense. This program aims to help teachers, students and parents better understand energy conservation, as well as encourage energy-saving practices to be used more widely both at home and in schools. But why let the kids have all the fun? Check out Virginia Energy Sense’s SOL plan to learn some tips that could help you save both energy and money!



Wednesday, Oct. 17 – Chili on Tap


When I walked into the office Wednesday morning I could smell the aroma of homemade chilis wafting down the stairs. Our Main-iacs don’t mess around in the kitchen and they came to play. I even brought some of Texas Inn’s famous chili to see how it measured up. In the afternoon, we all got to work turning our office into the swankiest event space this side of the James River. By the time 6:00 rolled around, we had coolers full of the finest crafts from Bold Rock Cidery, Steam Bell Beer Works and Stone Brewing Company, a conference room full of chili, and an office full of wonderful guests. Our 9th Annual Chili Cook Off might have been the best one yet, thanks in large part to the planning done by our Madison+Main marketing moguls, Account Executive Haleigh Lader and Account Manager Leanne Ferry.



Special shout out to our top three finishers for the night, who all got to take home more than just their leftover chili. Sammy “Sweetheart” Newlin from Southern Goodman came in third place with his family chili recipe that he described as “not too hot but not too cool”. Lucky for him, Haleigh and Katie didn’t get my Glen Gary Glen Ross reference about steak knives so he got a full knife set courtesy of Kroger. Both the Second Place and People’s Choice Award prize of a $50 Amazon gift card went to Roger Cassem from Hitting Cancer Below the Belt. Seems like judges and guests alike couldn’t resist his chili, which he aptly dubbed the “Colon Cleanser“. The grand prize of a crisp 100 dollar bill was claimed by State Farm‘s very own Matt Escobar. As a two time Chili Cook Off contestant, Matt proved that like a good neighbor, State Farm’s chili is there.



Thursday, Oct. 18 – Clean Up Crew


They say the cleanup isn’t as fun as the celebration, although the Madison+Main-iacs don’t find this to be true in any sense. Rolling into the office slightly sluggish and still in chili comas, the strong-smelling aroma from the night before was quickly vanquished by the glorious scent of Hardees biscuits, courtesy of me. While everyone else got to work (on breakfast) and creative concepts for our clients, and no telling which came first, Brandy Seay attended the Signature Speak Series – Influence vs. Power event at the University of Richmond. Her favorite quote of the day was, “Inspire a shared vision” – which is nearly impossible at Madison+Main, since almost half of us wear glasses.



Friday, Oct. 19 –  The Dog Days Aren’t Over 


Majority of the Madison+Main-iacs were out of the office today, so we semi-kind-of played matchmaker as Brandy’s dog, Rosie and Derek’s dog, Dusty unofficially became boyfriend and girlfriend. Watch out for them becoming Facebook official at some point in the near future.


We love swag, especially when it’s Madison+Main swag. This week, Ric Withers from Wythken Printing delivered us some awesome new business cards for our new hires, Derek Fair and Allison Throckmorton. We love them and we love Wythken!