THE FRUITS OF OUR LABOR | Weekly Report for September 7, 2018

The Fruits of Our Labor


Special thanks to Communications Manager Kent “Snake Eyes” Brockwell who did a fine job writing the weekly report last week. As most of you know, I spent an extended labor day weekend in “Lost Wages” Nevada, and money isn’t the only thing I lost. Spirit Airlines cancelled our return flight then lost our reservation and decided to punish us further by rerouting us through several cities in Florida. As a result, we were able to stretch our Labor Day weekend into most of the week.


I’m always fascinated by what people do to celebrate the end of summer. So without further adieu, here is a photo montage of what the Madison+Main-iacs were up to over their Labor Day weekend.


Heaven is a Place on Earth

Sue and I enjoyed the closest thing we’ve experienced to Heaven on Earth — our first double double burgers from In-N-Out and each other’s company.



Mini Main-iacs Making a Splash!

Business Development Manager Brandy “Oh Say Can You” Seay‘s boys enjoyed a a day at the pool while mom caught some rays with a much-deserved margarita in hand.


Chief Operating Officer Molly “Makes Everyone Smile” Whitfield‘s daughters and niece brought bath time outdoors to celebrate the beautiful Kansas sunshine.


VP of Brand Strategy Kara Forbis and her daughter took a break from the pool and headed to a quarry swimming hole in Blacksburg to take a dip.



Main-iacs vs. Wild

Behind the camera our Communications Manager and resident cowboy Kent Brockwell had on his 10-gallon hat and chaps while he enjoyed a trail ride with his daughter Bonnie and her pal Clyde.


Office Manager Katie “Reel ‘Em In” Rossberg with her biggest catch of the day, weighing in at a whopping 0 pounds and 5 oz.


Millie enjoyed a scenic boat ride with her mom, Account Executive Haleigh “See Ya” Lader. If you’re jealous of the way her hair looks blowing in the wind don’t worry, you’re not the only one.



It’s a Family Affair

Senior Graphic Designer Carissa Ghaffari and husband Mike enjoyed a night out on the town, good thing they had baby Donovan to DD.  

Senior Account Manager Kaitlin Riddle spent time with family over the long weekend. The baby countdown is officially on and all the Main-icas are counting down the days. (We may have placed bets of the delivery day.)



Let the Good Times Roll

Account Manager and budding superstar Leanne Ferry gave it her all at karaoke over the weekend to practice for her American Idol tryouts. We just hope the fame doesn’t go to her head. #TooLate


Graphic Designer Erin Rebmann has a question she just mustache you… do you want a cookie?!