“Saving Money Too!” | Weekly Report for May 18, 2018

“Saving Money Too!”


Some ads are so bad that they’re good. I call this phenomenon BAdvertising.


This week, I found myself alone in my car, stuck in traffic and singing along to the Agee’s Bicycle jingle.


“Lookin’ good. Gettin’ in shape. Ooh oooh, you’re feeling great. Agee’s Bicycle, shows you the way. Follow the leader. Take control. It’s in your soul. Now you’re on a roll. Saving money too. (Double guitar riff.) Agee’s Bicycle, we bring out the best in you.”


It was like an out-of-body experience. I couldn’t help myself. I had a flashback to 1991 – when that jingle first hit the airwaves. Yes, the melody is catchy, but the words are a little corny. It reminded me of a Carly Rae Jepson song. #CallMeMaybe


No offense to the Agee’s Bicycle (the client who bought this jingle) or to Baker & Associates (the agency who made this jingle), but it’s not good. #BAdvertising. But the most amazing thing is that it works. It’s been on the air for 27 years and Agee’s is still going strong after 108 years in business.


Which all leads me to this point: If bad advertising works, imagine how much better good advertising does! #BoldBrandsWin #FollowTheLeader #SavingMoneyToo




Leanne Brings Out the Best in You





Monday, May 14 – We Have Liftoff


On Monday, the Madison+Main-iacs launched not one, but two websites. El Segundo, California-based NC4 launched its new stellar website system with help from our friends at ByteJam. And closer to home, Commonwealth Dentistry’s website put a smile on all of our faces. Our client is happy too… we read it on Facebook.



Madison+Main created a new website for Commonwealth Dentistry. Keep Smiling.





Tuesday, May 15 – Looking for a Host with the Most


On Tuesday morning, the magnificent Midlothian Rotary Club heard from Sarah Simmons, local coordinator for the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). Sarah is recruiting host families for Chesterfield County Schools. Our family hosted a really great kid named Rick from Holland for his senior year at Manchester High School and it was a wonderful experience. Ten years later, Rick and his wife, Mirte, are literally like family to us.


If you are interested in hosting Alessandra from Italy, Dayana from Ecuador, Federico from Italy, or Petr from the Czech Republic, contact Sarah at Simmons.SAL77@gmail.com



Wednesday, May 16 – Upper Crust


On Wednesday I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Jack Norton, former reporter and editor from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, for breakfast at Baker’s Crust. Jack and I had not previously met, but share dozens of friends and colleagues. In his post-newspaper days, Jack is now working as a freelance writer and publicist. He is also looking to make new friends on LinkedIn.


Lunch, however, was not as eventful. Many colleagues order from Tarrant’s Cafe, because it’s close and has a great reputation. I must be the unlucky one, because every time I order from there, something is just slightly off. I ordered a Club Sandwich on Wednesday, which I have come to expect is a triple decker sandwich, with three slices of toast and cut into very fancy triangles. Wednesday, I got turkey, bacon, cheese, and tomato slapped onto a hamburger bun. What the French Toast? – #WTFT is my new favorite hashtag.


The bright spot of Wednesday was working with longtime friend Connie Maier, President of Hearth & Home Shoppe. We recently began working with the Mechanicsville-based fireplace experts and presented a new marketing strategy and plan to them on Wednesday. #ComeFeelTheFire


Thursday, May 17 – Brandy B-Day


What do Brandy and fine wines have in common? They both get better with age. Happy 25th birthday to our Business Manager, Brandy Seay. We also found out that other friends of Madison+Main also had birthdays including our IT Consultant/Magician, John Linthicum and Talent Agent Extraordinaire, Sheri Bias.



While working on-site with a client Thursday, I backed into an automatic hand sanitizing dispenser. I don’t have anything witty to say about that.






CrossKeys Vineyards 10-Year Anniversary BBQ

CrossKeys Vineyard | Mt. Crawford, VA

May 26  | 12 – 8 p.m.


Join our friends at CrossKeys Vineyards on Memorial Day weekend to celebrate their delicious decade of award-winning wines, exquisite food, and great events! They are hosting a Smoked & Oaked Barbecue on Saturday, May 26, live music from Morgan Dean, and their tasting room will by open until 8 p.m. as well. Make your reservations today.



American Cancer Society Relay for Life Benefit

Nick’s Spaghetti & Steak Restaurant | Shacklefords, VA

May 26 | 7 – 10 a.m.


Nick’s in beautiful downtown Shacklefords plays host again to the All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast Buffet fundraiser benefiting the American Cancer Society on Saturday. May 26th. Tickets available at the door. For info, call Nancy Dransfield, 804-512-4010.



Boxer Brief 5K

Stoney Point Fashion Park

June 9


The Boxer Brief 5K is Hitting Cancer Below the Belt’s (HCB2’s) largest awareness and fundraising event which attracts over 400 participants each year.  Participants are encouraged to dress their bum and come out to run making this a very entertaining good time.  Fun for all ages as there is a free kids 1/2 mile race, the “Caped Colon Crusader” Run for children under the age of eight. Plenty of music, active vendors, entertaining costumes and cute kids in capes — just a great morning as we bring awareness to colon cancer prevention. Email info@HCB2.org or visit HCB2.org for more information.




Friday, May 18 – Wash Out


It took me an hour and a half this morning to get into work. Apparently somebody decided to build an Ark on the side of Powhite Parkway and it caused on-looker delays. Seriously though, the Powhite is backed-up every day and even a flat possum can turn North-bound traffic into a parking lot. School systems either cancelled classes or delayed opening, but at Madison+Main, the kids got an early release, as I decided to be just a little bit nice and send the team home at 3pm. They worked hard all week and the least I could do was give them a head start on tonight’s apocalyptic commute.

In other news, someone left a baby stroller in front of our building.

FREE – Baby Stroller that some homeless person left in front of our office.

Must pick up. Baby not included.



“Sometimes there is simply no need to be either clever or original.”

– Ivan Chermayeff, 1932