How to Win Bold Friends and Influence People to be Bold | Weekly Report for April 6, 2018

How to Win Bold Friends and Influence People to be Bold.


It was a quiet week in the office since all of the Chatty Keiths were on spring break. In other words, with all the men gone, all of the ladies in the office were able to put their heads down and get to work.


Don’t get us wrong, we missed the fellas. As #IndependentWomen though, we not only survived without the men but utilized Dale Carnegie’s Golden Rules and conquered the week.


It only slightly hurt our feelings when we received beachy, margarita pictures from Dave (proving he didn’t miss us at all).



Monday, April 2 – Don’t Criticize, Condemn or Complain


Graphic Designer Erin Rebmann had one of the best Mondays in a while, blowing everyone else’s basketball brackets out of the water and winning the Madison+Main Bold Brackets Win pool. With a light crew in the office, and without any men sulking that they got beat by a girl, there were no grumbles or complaints to be heard. Not even under anyone’s breath. Not that anyone does that here. *Cough* *Cough* #Art #OnlyJoking


Erin holding her trophy like the winner she is!

Okay… that wasn’t her real trophy. She actually won a $50 Visa card! Even better!



Tuesday, April 3 – Honest, Sincere Appreciation

With all the men out of the office, #WomensWinter came to an end. The AC was turned off, scarves were removed, and all rejoiced! Spring had officially sprung – inside at least. #NoMoreSnow

After work, three of our recent Dale Carnegie graduates appreciated $1 tacos with their former Dale Carnegie class. They even convinced the new Maniac, Senior Graphic Designer Carissa Ghaffari, to tag along. They had her at “margaritas.”





Wednesday, April 4 – Encourage an Eager Want

Having had just a taste the night prior, Client Services Coordinator Hangry Haleigh Lader got a hankering for more Mexican food and convinced the group that she shouldn’t have to indulge alone. The entire office couldn’t stop thinking about chips and queso after that. Thirty minutes later, a very weighed-down GrubHub car delivered enough delicious comida to feed an army.

Following the lunch fiesta, there was a desperate desire for an afternoon siesta. It may or may not have happened.  #NapRoom #WeDontNapAndTell





Thursday, April 5 – Become Genuinely Interested in Other People


To express a genuine interest in other people, we turned off all the phones in the office. Just kidding, they crashed. Don’t worry though, we had them up and running within an hour and were back to being genuinely interested – unless it was a sales call: no habla inglés for sales calls.


To combat the onslaught of pictures of tropical fruits and cocktails from the spring break crew, we decided to throw a potluck lunch party and better get to know one another. (Note to the absent men – we had hot dogs with all the works, burgers, pizza, bourbon, and Budweiser… all the things you love. So HA.)




Dave showing off his crazy lunch from Martinique Island!







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Richmond Raceway

April 20-21


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FC Richmond Travel Soccer Tryouts

Huguenot Park

April 22 – 30


Registration for travel soccer tryouts is now open!  Tryouts are April 22nd – April 30th. All the information to kick some grass is on FC Richmond‘s website.


Leadercast Richmond 2018

Parkway Baptist Church

May 4


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Friday, April 6 – Smile


We’d be remiss not to mention that while we have made it clear that we women ran the office this week, there was still Daniel Green, our Copywriting/Public Relations intern. We don’t think he hated it.



The M+M ladies picking on the only boy! Poor Daniel.



Joking… joking! We included him of course!



This week definitely put the girl in power – with no kerfuffles and #AllSmiles. We may have to kick the boys out more often…


To celebrate our successful week (and year), the M+M ladies are attending the 57th Annual OlympiAd tonight! The theme is year is the olympics and we think we will be the top ad-thletes there.




“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”


– Dale Carnegie