The Grocery List | Weekly Report for March 23, 2018

The Grocery List


For the past few years, I’ve gotten my shopping list via text. Making the transition wasn’t easy. I left my phone in the grocery cart several times. I’ve run out of battery in the middle of shopping. And I’ve missed that “last item I texted you” more times than I can count. But in 2018, I’m feeling fairly confident in my shopping skills and use of text message technology to complete the task.


At Christmas, the family got Amazon Echo and Alexa started helping with the grocery list. Although this was a good idea at first, it has taken me a while to adjust to this new dynamic. I want you to imagine the look on my face after spending 27 minutes scanning a 50 yard-long refrigerator case for a six pack of Cosmos Greek Fatberry Yogurt. And then the look of pride – and utter resignation – when I finally translate the ‘Alexa Speak’ into English, and scoop up some Voskos Greek LowFat Strawberry Yogurt.


Dave 1. Technology 0.


Speaking of keeping score, I am the sole owner of last place in the Madison+Main “Bold Brackets Win” Group on ESPN Challenge. 3 of my Final Four Picks have gone down to double-digit seeds, but I’m pleased to say that COO Molly Whitfield is in 1st place. However, Kansas State would have to win it all in order to win our big $50 prize. #ThisIsNotHappening


Monday, March 19 – The Carissa Era

On Monday we welcomed our new Senior Graphic Designer and all-around creative bad@ss Carissa “No Nickname Yet” Ghaffari. Carissa is a card-carrying member of the Bills Mafia, devout VCU Rams fan, a proud new mom to Van, the cutest baby in the Whole. Wide. World. Carissa most recently worked with the Fam at Free Agents Marketing and calls Reston her hometown. Welcome Carissa! Never fear, we will come up with a great nickname for you soon!



Carissa joined Madison+Main this week.

Please welcome her!


Tuesday, March 20 – Pomp & Circumstances


On Tuesday evening at HBAR, which I learned stands for Home Builders Association of Richmond, three of Madison+Main’s superstars graduated from Dale Carnegie Training’s “Skills for Success” course; Brandy “Not Shy” Seay, Haleigh “See Ya” Lader and Leanne Ferry “cross the Mersey.” Meanwhile in a land far, far away – aka Roanoke – one of the chief Madison+Main-iacs Kara Forbis also scored a coveted Dale Carnegie certificate. Congrats to these four talented teammates for their hard work everyday and their dedication to this professional development training.



Speaking of leadership development, I’m happy to announce that Madison+Main will be one of the sponsors for LeaderCast, presented locally on Friday, May 4th. Drop by Facebook and check it out, and join several of the Madison+Main-iacs for a day of great speakers and networking.



Wednesday, March 21 – #snOMG

The 2nd day of Spring brought us some slushy snow, and my uncharacteristically cautious side closed the office. But never fear, the Madison+Main-iacs were able to keep working, thanks to laptops, the interwebs, and cloud storage and despite intermittent wi-fi at our Bumpass, Virginia satellite office.


Sue tried making another grocery list with Alexa. #fail


Sue asked Alexa for Boar’s Head Honey Ham,

not a Tiny Chinese Man.



Thursday, March 22 – Summertime


On Thursday we had a great meeting with Doug Walters, Executive Director of Camp Hanover, and we are very pleased that we’ll be helping such a great organization. It may be snowing this weekend, but remember there are only 85 more nights till Summer Camp starts.





WhosYourDriver.org Race Weekend

Martinsville Speedway

March 24-25


It’s the first short-track race of the season and NASCAR‘s biggest and best will try to master Martinsville in the STP 500. Don’t miss your chance to see the best racing in the world and visit the Who’s Your Driver tent and pick up some schwag. Get your tickets to the race today!


Leadercast Richmond 2018

Parkway Baptist Church

May 4


Leadercast Live is the largest one-day leadership event in the world. It is a pairing of inspiring messages and rich interaction with fellow leaders who are being intentional about raising their standard of leadership, through a creative, energetic and memorable experience. Get your tickets today and check out their Facebook page for more information!



Friday, March 23 – Start Your Engines!


It’s race weekend and Haleigh, Communications Director Kent Brockwell and I are headed for Martinsville to get some hot dogs and work with our friends at Drive Smart Virginia, kicking off on-site activation for the Who’s Your Driver? Program. We’ll be spreading the good word, which is choose a sober driver and buckle up! This weekend, Haleigh is my designated driver.


But before we hit the road this afternoon, we met with my pastor, Rev. Jim Dunkin from The Brandermill Church to work on a new website. I’ve promised Jim the new technology will be “heavenly.”


Speaking of good deeds, our very own Account Executive Leanne Ferry has been volunteering her time with the Massey Cancer Center, and will be kicking off their Richmond Brunch Weekend fundraiser tonight at The Graduate. Sorry to miss it, but Sue gladly took my tix. There are a couple left, if you hurry….



“Technology is cool, but you’ve got to use it as opposed to letting it use you.”


– Prince