Have you ever heard of… | Weekly Report for February 9, 2018

Have you ever heard of _______?


Not a week goes by without someone asking me, “Have you ever heard of <insert some random company name>?”

“No, I haven’t. Tell me more about them,” is my usual reply.


I’ve often said, “There are only 3 kinds of brands; Brands you know and love, brands you know and don’t love and brands you’ve never heard of.” The biggest challenge most companies face is brand awareness. I’ve spent 27 years trying to convey this to entrepreneurs. A few years ago, I heard a quote that finally resonated with me and I’ve been using it on biz owners since.


“No one ever bought a product or a service they never heard of.” 


I’ve heard my buddy Harry Garmon repeat this phrase many times, like a mantra. He gives another friend,  Wayne Nystrom , credit for the quote. (Both are pretty smart cookies in my book).


Most business owners are sooooo focused on sales, they forget about marketing. At your next networking event see how many “Sales & Marketing Managers” you meet. I don’t think I’ve ever met a “Marketing & Sales Manager.”


If you remember that marketing comes before the sale, you’ll do well. #quotemeonthat


Monday, February 5 – Super Bowl Monday


Hobbled by only four hours of sleep, I stumbled into the CBS6 studios early Monday morning for my 8th annual segment on the best & worst Super Bowl ads. It was great to see Rob Cardwell, Kristen Luehrs and Tom Patton, but it was Reba Hollingsworth’s laugh that I missed the most. Check out this segment where I made fun of the 3 worst ads of the “Big Game,” and try not to giggle when you hear Reba cracking up.


I also spent some time with Jeff Katz, the afternoon host of NewsRadio WRVA 1140 am and 97.1 FM. First, I’m a HUGE Jeff Katz fan. Second, it was great to speak with him on air. We talked about the ads, their impact and some of the economics behind spending $5 million on one TV spot.


I joined Reba and Rob from CBS6 News on Monday to talk about Super Bowl LII best & worst TV spots.


Tuesday, February 6 – WWDCD?


What Would Dale Carnegie Do? You know, I’m a big fan of Dale Carnegie Training. So is Warren Buffet. You’ve heard of Warren Buffet, right? I send all of the Madison+Main-iacs through Dale Carnegie Training, and on Tuesday night, Business Manager Brandy Seay, Client Services Coordinator Haleigh Lader and Account Executive Leanne Ferry shared their “personal stories” on Week 2 of the course. Course leader Rick Dunkum said “The M and M’s did a great job.”


Leanne, Haleigh and Brandy are all smiles after week two of Dale Carnegie Training.


Wednesday, February 7 – A Healthy Lunch


On Wednesday we had a great meeting with our clients from Virginia Hospital Research Education Foundation and VHHA Shared Services. We have been working with both organizations for a few months and we have learned so much about the good work that both of these organizations do. Since we were meeting with folks so closely aligned to the healthcare profession, Leanne ordered me a “healthy lunch” from Panera. Brandy will not let me eat good food anymore, so it was the third time I have had Panera this week.


VHREF is presenting an all-day Administrative Professionals Summit on Thursday, March 1st at the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association‘s offices in Innsbrook. If you know someone who would like to learn new skills and gain access to valuable resources in the healthcare field, you can send them here.


Thursday, February 8 – #LetsRoll


The only reason you may not have heard of River City Roll yet is the fact that it doesn’t open until April… but we’re creating plenty of buzz for this new client. We were happy to host them at our office on Thursday afternoon, where we presented concepts for the their Grand Opening campaign. Mark your calendars; River City Roll is coming in late April, but the campaign launches in a couple of weeks. #LetsRoll


Artists putting the finishing touches on a giant mural inside River City Roll this week. The latest addition to Scotts Addition opens soon.


The Calendar!

FC Richmond Juggle Challenge

Huguenot Park

March 5-6

Youth soccer players from FC Richmond will be putting their fanciest footwork on display for a good cause this March. The club is hosting a Juggle Challenge to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, as well as the club’s new soccer complex development in Moseley, VA. Stay tuned for details on how you can donate.

DRIVE SMART Virginia’s Who’s Your Driver Race Weekend

Martinsville Speedway

March 24-25


It’s the first short-track race of the season and NASCAR’s biggest and best will try to master Martinsville in the STP 500. Don’t miss your chance to see the best racing in the world and visit the Who’s Your Driver tent and pick up some schwag. Enter to win a VIP Experience here!



Friday, February 9 – 3, 2, 1…..launch!

Last night, in the wee hours of the morning, we “soft launched” a new website for our friends at Warren Whitney. We are thrilled with the new look we developed for this great company. Here’s a sneak peek so tell me what you think.


Check out Warren Whitney’s brand new website! #makepotentialhappen


“No one ever bought a product or a service they never heard of.”

– Wayne Nystrom