The Big Endorsement | Weekly Report for November 3, 2017

The Big Endorsement


I try to stay away from politics in the M+M Weekly Report. It just makes sense. Half of you vote one way and half of you the other. Why would I want to tick off 3,600 of you at one time?


But the election is upon us, and I have to make a stand. So, without further ado, I present my endorsement for the 2017 Virginia Elections:


(Drum roll please…)


This year I’m endorsing Tim McPeters for “commissioner of the revenue” in Chesterfield County.


I’m not endorsing anyone else, at any level, but I stand behind Tim. Why?


  • He had more signs
  • His signs were green (everybody else’s were red, white, and blue) and I thought that was clever branding considering he is running for “commissioner of the revenue”
  • He walked in the Midlothian Day Parade, instead of riding in a car
  • He’s tall
  • He shook my hand firmly
  • He’s already held the job for several years (and apparently didn’t screw up)
  • I think he’s running unopposed because I have no idea who he’s running against — no other signs, no ads, nada, zip, zilch


So if you see Tim McPeters, congratulate him on receiving my one and only endorsement this election season. That means that he might get a few more votes this time, but I can guarantee he’ll get more than the other guy or gal he’s running against. #ghost


Major political endorsements aside, please accept my greetings from beautiful downtown Urbanna, Virginia today, where the 60th Annual Urbanna Oyster Festival is in full swing. On Virginia Street, it looks like several politicians are already here, feverishly shaking hands. “Oh look, there’s the corrupt, government insider who wants our kids to die, ” I tell a friend. “No, wait, sorry, that’s the other guy.”


Monday, October 30 – Unleashing the Love at Sycamore Vet


On Monday, we were very excited to release our new video for our two- and four-legged pals at Sycamore Vet. If you haven’t been to Sycamore Vet yet, they have an amazing new facility in the heart of Midlothian and the most friendly, loving staff I’ve ever met. They wanted to show the full experience of a typical trip to Sycamore Vet, so we strapped a GoPro to a dog and gave the audience a pet’s eye tour. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Sycamore Vet | “Love Unleashed”


Tuesday, October 31 – Happy Hallowbirthday to Me!


This Tuesday marked my 50th year walking this great planet. To help welcome me to my Golden Years, the Madison+Main-iacs left me a breadcrumb trail of Depends from the front door all the way to my desk (just in case I had a senior moment and forgot where it was), where I was greeted by 50 mini bottles of Jack Daniels and Maker’s Mark (just in case I wanted to forget that I turned 50).


I made an executive decision last week that anyone who came to work in a Halloween costume could leave the office early to prepare for trick or treaters. Thankfully, everyone took me up on the offer.


Happy Halloween from the Spooktacular Madison+Main-iacs!


Wednesday, November 1 – Gearing Up


Wednesday was a flurry of activity fueled by leftover Halloween candy at Madison+Main. There were RFPs to prepare, video productions to schedule, and major events to plan.


Communications Manager Kent Brockwell and Media Planner Meredith Mason had a great call with Bruce Evans and Dan DeJaeger from BEDD Head Media. We are gearing up again for the two biggest home shows in RVA this winter/spring for Marketplace Events and we have a big media day scheduled next week to talk about our plans. Mark your calendars now to check out the Virginia Home Show on Jan. 27-28 and the Richmond Home + Garden Show on March 2-4


Thursday, November 2 – Art Webb Makes Web Art


On Thursday, Creative Director Art Webb, Senior Graphic Designer Kaity Carr, and Brand Strategy VP Kara Forbis met with Stephanie Ford, a Director at Warren Whitney, to review some design work for a new website we are creating for the Richmond-based consulting firm. If you don’t know about Warren Whitney, they’ve done some amazing work for businesses and nonprofits all over Virginia and we can’t wait to help them spread the word even more!


The Calendar!


Madison+Main’s 8th Annual Chili Cook-Off
November 8


Join the Madison+Main-iacs, our clients, and our partners as we tailgate to celebrate our 8th Annual Chili Cook-Off at the new Atlas 42 with tasty chili, fierce competition, and good times! There will be food, fun, and celebrity judges! RSVP today.


New Kent Winery Farmer’s Market & Open Mic Afternoon
November 19


Our pals at New Kent Winery are having another Farmer’s Market event on Nov. 19 from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. Join the Dombroski family for a relaxing afternoon sipping their tasty wines while supporting local farmers and small businesses! An Open Mic Afternoon will follow the farmer’s market, beginning at 1 p.m. Check it out!


Friday, November 3 – Mr. Davis Goes To Colorado

On Friday morning, we had a special guest with great news. Former copywriting/PR intern Joe Davis stopped by to let us know that he landed his first job in the biz! Joe has been hired as a junior copywriter at SecureSet Academy, a cybersecurity outfit in Denver. As a parting/thank you gift, he brought his former mentor Mr. Brockwell a lovely bottle of Basil Hayden, which will probably be empty by the time you read these words. #GoJoeGo #NapKentNap


My wife Sue commissioned Jr. Graphic Designer Erin Rebmann to make my birthday cake this year. It was as tasty as it was hilarious.


“They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”
Mark Twain