Weekly Report | “Broadcasting Live from Wawa” | 10.20.17

When breaking news happens, news outlets send news anchors to where the news is happening. It makes sense. It also makes for good TV. You see the guy or gal with perfectly coifed hair as it becomes wet and matted. It’s blowing all over the place, because “as you can see behind me the eye of the hurricane is mere moments away.”


Meanwhile, this morning at Wawa, there was no drama. No strife. No division.
Since CNN didn’t broadcast live from the scene, I’ll give you the news…


  •  Oddly enough everyone is holding the door open for everyone else.
  • A tall, gray-haired man in a suit is conversing in fluent Spanish with five guys standing next to a landscaping truck.
  • A white cop is standing in line, laughing with a young black man in an Oakland Raiders hoodie about the game last night.
  • A middle-aged mom with a Jacobs Road Elementary sweatshirt just bought all of the bottled water and three strangers helped carry them to her car.
  • A man at pump No. 6 tells those around him that he’s happy gas prices are going down because he just got a new job, but it’s in Petersburg.
  • People of all races, backgrounds, religions, and creeds are just living their lives.


There’s no mention of North Korean nuclear ICBMs, Obamacare, civil war statues, the election, natural disasters, or the latest tweet from the president. But a few people chuckled when a teenage girl, with her face stuck in an iPhone, walked into the snack rack. #smack


I can safely report that this morning at Wawa all was right with the world. Too bad Anderson Cooper wasn’t here to see it.


Monday, October 16 – ‘Don’t Laugh Over Spilled Milk’

Graphic Designer Erin Rebmann‘s “big spill” last week was still on our minds Monday, especially as she brought in a delicious cookie cake — along with some self-deprecating humor — to share with co-workers. (In case you missed the story of spilled milk, visit our blog.)


It’s OK to laugh over spilled milk.


Speaking of milk, have you heard the news?


Marva Maid is now Maola


We are thrilled to be working with the Maryland & Virginia Milk Producer’s Cooperative. We are launching the new Maola Milk brand this week, with a special event (the Scott’s Addition Pumpkin Festival) and an integrated multi-media campaign. Yes, I’ve “got milk.” In fact, I’ll be giving away gallons of it. #moooooooo


Tuesday, October 17 – Jack’s Back!

Jack, our “spokesplug” for Value Your Power, is back this week in a new TV spot for Virginia Energy Sense, which is hitting TV screens all over the Commonwealth. Jack talks about vampire power just in time for Halloween.


Jack’s Back…for Halloween!



Wednesday, October 18 – MBU (Mr. Brockwell University)


At Madison+Main’s “Main-iac University” lunch hour, we were awestruck with all things Kent Brockwell. Reporter, copywriter, rugby player, bail bondsman, epic beard contest winner, and welder…he’s done it all. And he has the scars to prove it. Mr. Brockwell is “The Most Interesting Man in Richmond” and you can connect to him on LinkedIn.


Thursday, October 19 – Haaaaay!


On Thursday, Kent met with Blen Gabriel, a senior PR student at VCU. She reached out to us earlier this week for some help with a survey project she was conducting for her PR class and he was happy to give her the inside scoop.


HAAAAAY!!! The back of the building looked like a petting zoo with all the hay bales we unloaded yesterday. We’re gearing up for the Scott’s Addition Pumpkin Festival this Saturday afternoon where we will be hanging out with our friends from Maola. Stop by for some tasty samples of ice cold chocolate milk or a hand-sized stress ball in the shape of a dairy cow. #mooo2



 The Calendar!


Sycamore Vet Open House
Saturday, October 21 | 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.


If you are attending the Midlothian Day Parade tomorrow (Saturday, Oct. 21) take a moment to stop by Sycamore Vet‘s open house event. They are celebrating 30 years as Midlo’s favorite vet and you can check out their brand new facility at 13217 Midlothian Turnpike (right on the parade route). Treats will be available for both two- and four-legged guests. Check ’em out!


The Walter and Bobby “Real Men Wear Pink” Happy Hour
Tuesday, October 24 | 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.


Our pal and AFLAC rep Bobby Kelland is hosting a happy hour to support the American Cancer Society‘s “Real Men Wear Pink” campaign. The fundraiser is being held at the Short Pump Burger Bach (2225 Old Brick Rd., Glen Allen, VA 23060), which is also donating a portion of their proceeds that day to the cause. There will be door prizes but you have to wear something pink to enter for your chance to win. Check it out!


Madison+Main’s 8th Annual Chili Cook-Off
November 8


Join the Madison+Main-iacs, our clients, and our partners as we tailgate to celebrate our 8th Annual Chili Cook-Off at the new Atlas 42 with tasty chili, fierce competition, and good times! There will be food, fun, and celebrity judges! RSVP today.


Friday, October 20 – Money, munnay, muh-hunnay!

Today, I buried myself in proposals. I have to. These kids are getting REALLY expensive. My son Jack needed another pair basketball shoes, so I bought some Nike KD 10s last night…and was shocked when I saw the receipt. My daughter Hattie is at JMU and she’s texted me three times this week…all about $$$.


This is my “I can’t believe I just spent $156.95 on basketball shoes” face.


 “Presenting statues of honor to reporters for covering an earthquake is like presenting a first prize to a doctor for performing surgery.”

Phil Donahue