Weekly Report | “Growth” | 8.25.17

I have a garden. It’s small, but produces more tomatoes than I could ever eat, especially this time of year. #hanover 


In the spring, I prepared the ground, planted seeds, watered them, fertilized them, and made sure they got plenty of sunlight. Joila! In a few months, I had a blooming, bountiful garden.


The other day, I pondered the thought that Facebook is much like a garden. Follow me here: You prepare the ground by starting an Facebook page for your company and then you post some things (plant seeds). If people “like” the posts, that’s like putting water on the seeds. If they comment, it’s the same as adding fertilizer. Sharing is essentially sunlight. If you have a Facebook page and it doesn’t get likes, comments, and shares, it like trying to grow a garden without water, fertilizer, or sunlight. Either way, if growth is what you want, you have to work the garden.


Some people have a green thumb. Some people don’t. The same can be said for social media marketing. At Madison+Main, we have a few professional gardeners, er, I mean social media pros. For more tips on social media marketing, visit our blog or give us a call at 804-521-4141.


Monday, August 21: Perspective 


It seems like we are bombarded lately with distractions. A celebrity dies or divorces. A politician says something stupid. Meanwhile, important stuff like a rogue communist nation pointing nuclear missiles at us is all but forgotten. But last Monday, I was OK with the fact that the entire country seemed to be distracted by the eclipse. We all chilled out for a few hours and that was a good thing. 


On Monday, we celebrated the eclipse with margaritas on the roof.


Tuesday, August 22: A Little Help For Our Friends


On Tuesday, we helped get out the vote! Our friends at Vera’s Fine Jewelers were nominated as one of the top five contenders for Richmond’s Best Jewelry Store in the #RTDTheBest poll. It’s not too late. The contest ends on Aug. 27 so take a second and vote for Vera’s Fine Jewelers today!


We also spread a little Facebook fertilizer and shared a new personal injury video we created for CowanGatesCheck it out!


Wednesday, August 23: Hello, Raleigh!


We love working in partnership with great organizations in this biz. On Wednesday, we had the great pleasure of meeting Raleigh Miller, a new team member joining our friends and marketing partners at Burson-Marsteller. However, we wiped away a tear as we said farewell to Chad Cowan at BM. We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with Chad over the years and we wish him the best of luck in his new pursuits!


Thursday, August 24: Roosters in the Hen House


KentMatt, and Meredith travelled to The Urban Roost at Lunch & Supper for the CBS6Client Party last night and took lots of selfies with RVA celebrities. It is reported that Nikki-Dee Ray was fascinated by Kent’s epic beard. However, Nikki-Dee’s loyal sidekick, Louis the Weather Dog (who has more Facebook friends than most humans) was not impressed.


Kent and Meredith with our favorite CBS6 rep, Brandon Powell.


Friday, August 25: Let’s Get Physical


I am writing this week’s Weekly Report from a very comfortable “Executive Suite” at PartnerMD, where I have given up ¾ of a Friday for the most comprehensive physical I’ve ever had. Trust me, before the end of the day, I do think they’ll find something wrong with me. Seriously though, I have been thoroughly impressed by AliciaJessikaLynne, Dr. Petrizziand the entire team at PartnerMD so far. I like it so much here, I’m looking forward to getting sick or injured so I can come back. Take a moment to learn more about PartnerMD and their concierge medical practice.


Back at the office, we met our new copywriting intern, Michael Davis(MichaelWritesWords.com). So far, Mr. Davis has two things going for him: 1. He’s a student at VCU, and 2. He gets along phenomenally with our office dog, Rocco. I think we’ll keep him around.


Rocco showing Michael the ropes at Madison+Main.


“Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade.” –Rudyard Kipling