Weekly Report | “The Tough Assignment” | 8.18.17

By now you are acutely aware of what happened in Charlottesville last Saturday. It was a tragedy that hit close to home for my family. Lt. Jay Cullen, Aviation Unit Commander for Virginia State Police, was a friend and neighbor. Our sons played on the same basketball and football teams. Our wives worked together at the same elementary school. Our homes are a few blocks away from each other.


In this life we are often called upon to complete “the tough assignment,” and how we respond tells us who we are as people. Jay was not the kind of guy to shirk his duties — coming in on his day off to fly to Charlottesville — and neither was his co-pilot Berke Bates.


Trooper Pilot Bates is being laid to rest today, and my friend Jay will be buried tomorrow. For those who will be attending these services; family, friends, neighbors, fellow teachers, co-workers, team mates, the pastor, church volunteers, reporters who cover the event, and police officers who traveled hundreds of miles to show their respect, this will be one tough assignment.


The next time you get pulled over for speeding, be nice to the officer. Be respectful when you email your child’s teacher. Thank a volunteer. Shake hands with the other coach because they’re giving up their time just like you. And lastly, be nice to the next reporter you see…they might be a on a tough assignment — covering the funeral of a fallen hero.


If you’d like to remember Jay’s family, I’ve created a GoFundMe, or you can give to either family through the Virginia State Police Emergency Relief Fund (please note which family the donation is for).


Monday, August 14: Home Sweet Home


Sue arrived late Monday night from the Isle of Man, where she was able to visit with family for five weeks. The kids and I worked all day Monday getting the house cleaned, and exhausted, fell asleep before her flight got in, so we were late to RIC to pick her up. #oops


At the office, we were in RFP overdrive, as we put the finishing touches on a 78-page proposal that we successfully delivered one hour early. That meant that I got to leave an hour early to go take my first piano lesson in almost a month. For those of you want to know — yes, I am still taking piano lessons and yes, I am still terrible at it. #stubborn #failureisNOTanoption


I didn’t get to go to the Carytown Watermelon Festival this year, but so many people used our Snapchat filter for Virginia Energy Sense, I felt like I was there. #ThanksRebecca


Tuesday, August 15: You’re simply The Best


Our client Vera’s Fine Jewelers is a finalist for Best Jeweler in the “The Best” contest by theRichmond Times-Dispatch. Vera and Mike are super nice folks, so give them a vote, would ya?


Sr. Account Manager Kaitlin Riddle and Marketing & Partnerships Coordinator Sophie Fishermet Tuesday morning with the team at Atlas 42, a new multifaceted entertainment venue in Innsbrook. The huge 11,790 sq. ft. private event space is set to open next month. Stay tuned.


Wednesday, August 16: Learn, baby, learn


We’ve added a new feature to our bi-weekly “Lunch + Learns.” Madison+Main-iac Universityis designed to inform teammates on their co-workers personal and professional backgrounds. MMU started this week with a training session by Account Exec. Meredith Mason, who taught us all things Meredith Mason. #shelovesmusicals #honeybadger


In the afternoon, we had an unexpected visit from an “artist.” I was unavailable to meet with her, but I am told she had pink hair and two purple spray-painted Laboradoodles. She told staff that she was trying to sell a $1 Billion painting to Mark Zuckerberg. Unfortunately, we are a marketing agency and not an art dealer. #callsecurity


Thursday, August 17: #winning


We welcomed the newest member of Team FC Richmond Rachel Leipold to M+M world HQ on Thursday. Rachel is rising junior at James River High School and new part-time social media manager for the Midlothian-based soccer club.


Creative Director Art Webb and Sr. Graphic Designer Kaity Carr dropped by Pop’s Bar & Grill in south Richmond on Thursday to shoot pics and video of the new sports bar. The food looks amazing, and if you’re into fantasy sports, Pop’s will be the place for you. Pop’s will be the first restaurant in the Commonwealth to feature same day online fantasy sports — and you can collect your cash winnings right there on the spot. #winning


Sophie and Kaity let Project Manager Matt Ong tag along at The One Party last night. Jointly sponsored by the Richmond chapters of AMA and PRSA, as well as the Richmond Ad Club, it was a fun night at the new Graduate Hotel. Sorry I missed it.


Kaity & Matt shared a “love seat” at The One Party.

Friday, August 18: The Doctor Will See Me Now…not in 30 minutes


Going to the doctor is not something I’ve ever looked forward to. Rude reception, long waits, and filling out the same information on form after form after form. This morning I had my first experience with PartnerMD, and I can say already that I am impressed. #IMPRESSED


While I was figuring how to remove the seal off a tiny sample cup, Sophie, Kaity, and Matt visited CreativeMornings, where Rodney Williams (singer, dancer, choreographer &Longwood College prof.) provided some Friday morning inspiration.


At PartnerMD, I think they get me.


“The tougher the job, the greater the reward.” — George Allen, Sr.