Weekly Report | “Graphic Designers” | 6.30.17

This week I raise a toast to the unsung heroes of the business world — graphic designers. Many of you read the Weekly Report and think only about who sent it to you and focus on the words, but have you ever thought about the person who designed it? Hint: It wasn’t me. Do you know who designed your own business cards? That tri-fold brochure? Or, who designed your company website?
At every moment of every day we see their work. Their designs cover billboards, vehicles, signs and just about everything you touch, from the shampoo you used this morning to the packaging on the pillow you’ll lay your little head on tonight. Every piece of print — newspaper, magazine, or book — you read has been laid out by a graphic designer. Graphic designers are the ones who make sure you do judge a book by its cover.
So, today I salute the graphic designers: my colleagues Art, Kaity, Erin, and the dozens of other designers I know. Let’s make a toast to the people charged with making the world more beautiful, one design at a time. Cheers to the bespectacled and spectacular, the talented and the tireless, the carefree, and caffeinated, the moody and the broody, the oodlers and the doodlers. Without you, life would be a little less interesting and a lot less colorful.
Be sure to forward this email to a graphic designer you know, and let them know they are appreciated.
Monday, June 26: Welcome, Erin!
On Monday, we finally convinced our favorite intern Erin Rebmann to join us at Madison+Main as our new Junior Graphic Designer. Erin is a talented VCU grad who most recently worked for T-Mobile. Send her a quick note to say congratulations.
Tuesday, June 27: Branded by Brundage
On Tuesday, Kim Brundage dropped by with two of her partners to provide an informative “Lunch & Learn” for our team. Thanks to Kim, Sydney Lester at Chic Stripes and Holly Millerat Makeup by Holly we learned lots about creating great personal headshots, make-up tips and styling info. Learn more about Team Brundage by visiting their websites:

What a good looking group, eh? #BoldBrandsWin

Wednesday, June 28: What’s Your Game Plan?
DRIVE SMART Virginia‘s new program, What’s Your Game Plan? will be a sponsor of the Washington Redskins Training Camp. “What’s Your Game Plan?” will be onsite on Saturday, August 5 with special guest appearances by Redskins alumni, delivering one simple message, celebrate responsibly and choose a sober driver. #designateB4Utailgate
On Wednesday night, I was installed as President of the Magnificent Midlothian Rotary Club, and I even got the hardware to prove it. #serviceaboveself
Thursday, June 29: Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Craft Beer
After a very long day at the office, Sophie, Kaity, Matt, and Erin visited Liberty Public House in Church Hill for the Richmond Ad Club Happy Hour. I am told there were a bunch of advertising people there who drank and mostly pretended to be happy.
Friday, June 30: ‘Murica
Today the Madison+Main-iacs get an early start on the Fourth of July weekend, and some much needed R&R. We’ve been going full throttle all summer.
Speaking of “full throttle,” my son Jack attended VCU Basketball Camp this week again, for the seventh straight year. Coach Mike Rhoades put together an all-star team of “coaches” — former VCU players and current pro basketball players — but the highlight of the week was getting Lee’s Fried Chicken for lunch on Thursday.
Be safe this weekend, and let’s not forget the reason the real reason we celebrate the Fourth of July — our mutual distain for the British. (Just kidding, that last line was to see if my wife Sue, who became a U.S. citizen almost a year ago, is actually reading the Weekly Report this week.)
Joyeux Jour de l’Indépendance!
“Freedom lies in being bold.
– Robert Frost