Weekly Report | “My Smartphone Made Me Dumb” | 6.16.17

The good, the bad, and the ugly. In the Weekly Report, I usually highlight “the good,” rarely mention “the bad,” and never write about “the ugly.” I’m fortunate that the good days outnumber the bad days, but my trip back from Atlanta was ugly…one of the worst. Ever.

But even the worst days have silver linings — and lessons.
I won’t get into the details about how American Airlines ruined my day, and then saved it, because I will fly with them again, and they eventually made it right. The silver lining: If I’d flown United, I probably would’ve been punched in the face, or if I’d flown Delta, my luggage would’ve gotten lost (three times now in the last year).
But during Thursday’s cancellations, delays, long waits, standby lists, and re-routing to Dulles, I lost my iPhone. And losing a smartphone can instantly make you dumb.
“How did you lose your phone?!?!?!”
It was the same incredulous question from my wife Sue, friends, and colleagues. I didn’t have an answer and I instantly felt dumb. I couldn’t text anyone to let them know I was delayed. I couldn’t access the project file I was working on. I couldn’t re-book my flight online or contact airline customer service. I couldn’t get an Uber from the airport. I couldn’t dial up directions to help the cabbie or use my Google Translate app (my Urdu was as good as his English). I couldn’t post about my ordeal on social media, which was a blessing for the airline and my friends. I’ve not felt that dumb in a long time. I think we can all relate, because we are so utterly dependent upon smartphones, that we feel dumb without them.
But I had my laptop on my layover, and I could write an email about it. #luckyforyou
I attended the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta this week, and it was amazing. Meanwhile, back at Madison+Main…
Monday, June 12: Kicking It Up A Notch
On Monday, our client FC Richmond launched the fourth in its series of 10 soccer skills videos that we created and are promoting on Facebook and Instagram. Can you do this?
Tuesday, June 13: When Office Furniture Attacks
On Tuesday, Communications Manager Kent Brockwell was simply sitting in his office when his colleagues heard a loud crack, then a thump, and then uncontrollable laughter, as his office chair broke and he fell onto the floor. Much to the delight of his co-workers — and much to my relief as I pondered a potential worker’s compensation claim — he was uninjured.

If a Kent falls in an office and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? (Yes. It sounds like thuds and laughter.)

Wednesday, June 14: Wildcat Proud and Philly-Bound
On Wednesday, we said goodbye to our Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School mentoree Savannah Holliday, who will attending Villanova this fall. For her farewell lunch, the Madison+Main-iacs feasted on Fancy Biscuit, which apparently serves fancy biscuits. Creative Director Art Webb did not eat his shrimp and grits biscuit with Tasso ham gravy, because he is gluten intolerant and allergic to shellfish. #poorbastard
And when the boss is away, Kaity leads astray. After a tearful farewell to Savannah, Kaity Carr (Sr. Graphic Designer) made an “executive” decision to make everyone attend an impromptu happy hour Wednesday afternoon.

Temporarily an intern, forever a Madison+Main-iac! Good luck at Villanova, Savannah!

Thursday, June 15: Pause – Part – PUNCH!
Art and Kent started their “Skills for Success” course at Dale Carnegie Training on Thursday afternoon. Kent claimed that Art cheated in the name recognition exercise since his name is so memorable.
“It’s not fair,” Kent said. “He creates art for the web and his name is Art Webb for Pete’s sake.”
Art countered, “Kent is just jealous because I got 55 out of 58 on the name memorization test, and he bombed it. Too many blows to the head playing rugby, I guess.”
Well, either rugby or faulty office chairs.
Friday, June 16: New Perspectives (and a new iPhone)
Today, Matt Ong, our recently promoted Project Manager, attended Creative Mornings at the Dogtown Dance Theatre, where he heard an interesting program on “Survival” from Peter Fraser, owner of 37, an RVA-based architecture and interior design firm.
This afternoon, I get to go to Verizon and get a new iPhone. #sigh
“I wonder where you are and I wonder what you do. Are you somewhere feeling lonely? Or is someone loving you?”
Lionel Richie