Weekly Report | “Robots” | 5.19.17

If you’ve been fortunate — or unfortunate — enough to hear me speak about branding and digital marketing, you’ll know that I like to spend some time talking about “What’s next?” I’ve spoken at 100-plus places over the past decade; Rotary clubs, Kiwanis clubs business networking groups, chamber events, industry conferences, etc. Every time I speak, I have to change my PowerPoint — yes, sadly, I’m still using PowerPoint — because the statistics that I use change so frequently and so do the technologies.
Ten years ago, I was telling people that social media was going to be a big deal and then I would talk about the rise of mobile phone usage. These days, when I hit the “rubber chicken circuit,” I talk a lot about Web 4.0. In other words, robots.
To recap: Web 1.0 was the “do nothing web.” Websites didn’t do anything. Web 2.0 was the “connected web,” and these days, all of — or 93 percent of Americans, that is — are connected through the interactive web and social media. Web 3.0 is the “semantic web,” where you no longer find the information, the information finds you. Those ads that follow you around…yep, that’s it.
Now, pieces of Web 4.0 — the age of the intelligent agent — are here. Seriously, Siri is a robot. If you have an iPhone, you have a robot in your pocket. Think about it. Google is making self-driving cars and Amazon will soon be flying drones to your house to deliver your goodies. Web 4.0 is coming faster than you think. How do you prepare for this? Call Sophie at our office (804-521-4141) and have me come speak to your group. #BoldBrandsWin
Monday, May 15: In Any Case… 
On Monday, we welcomed our new copywriting/PR intern Kennedy Heidel by getting her to drive us to CowanGates and take copious notes at a great meeting with Neil Cowan, Jr. We are working on a video series for the law firm, which gives an informative view of CowanGates’ many practice areas. I think they’re pretty cool. Take a look and let me know what you think.
After work, Digital Media Specialist Anjali Roka and Account Executive Meredith Mason headed over to AMA-Richmond‘s networking event at Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Meredith and Anjali’s entry for the first-ever Pulitzer for a selfie.

Tuesday, May 16: The Ong Way
Tuesday was a race against the compass. In the morning, I headed south to take a hardhat tour of Pop’s Bar & Grill, which will be the home of Virginia Online Fantasy Sports. I’ll have more details to share as we get closer to the opening, but I think you’ll be quite impressed.
After fixing my hardhat hair, I headed north back to the office to celebrate with the Main-iacs. It was Client Services Coordinator Matt Ong‘s one-year anniversary, so we ordered a fiery lunch spread from En Su Boca, and I announced Matt’s promotion to Project Manager! If you’re feeling spicy, send Matt an email to say congrats!
Two gallons of water later, the habanero fire in my mouth was under control and I headed east for a social media training session with our friends at New Kent Winery.

Congrats, Matt Ong! Don Draper would be proud.

Wednesday, May 17: Powering Up a Partnership
On Wednesday, we enjoyed a visit from Tommy Campbell, Design & E-Media Specialist for the Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives. We chatted about our plans to help the association’s marketing efforts and had a tasty lunch from 821 Cafe.
After work, some of the Main-iacs (well, the ones without small children…yet) took advantage of the beautiful weather and soaked up some rays and happy hour specials at The HofGarden, the nifty new rooftop bar at the Hofheimer Building in Scott’s Addition. If you are ISO a new happy hour hangout, check it out.
Thursday, May 18: Lights, Camera, Action!
On Thursday, I put on my director hat and drove over to see my friends Hal Dowdy, Noah Pearcy, and Grant Rutledge at Broadscope Media. We were shooting a fun, new spot for our client Vera’s Fine Jewelers. It was a long day of work, but I always enjoy being in the studio with those guys. Plus, on set, they call me Dave Saundersese. #AlternativeFact

Spoiler Alert: Coach is back!

Friday, May 19: Starting with a Spark…and Sugar
I started my Friday in Kill Devil Hills, N.C., and got a late start on the day because the line at Duck Donuts was out the door. #DeliciousBrandsWin
Back in RVA, however, the Main-iacs started nice and early! Matt, Anjali, and Sr. Graphic Designer Kaity Carr attended Creative Mornings at the VCU Arts Depot and took a serendipitous journey through the mind and works of creative spark plug Dave Gau.

Who framed Matt and Kaity?

“Look Dave, I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over…”
HAL 9000, from 2001: A Space Odyssey