Weekly Report | “Lose Like A Winner” | 5.12.17

In business, as in life, there are winners and losers. We’re competitive beings by nature so — must of us — strive to win. If you’re like me, then you HATE to lose. Absolutely hate it, can’t stand it, would do anything to avoid it…but you can’t win them all. As a little leaguer, I was taught to be a good sportsman. Shake hands with your opponent, win or lose. As an adult, I’ve learned to “lose like a winner.”
If you don’t win the award, try harder next time. If someone says “no,” ask “why not?” If you don’t win the contract, say “thank you for the opportunity” and ask them what you could’ve done differently to win it.
We received news last week, that we didn’t win a proposal we submitted, so we sent them a “bittersweet” candy bar. The card inside said “We didn’t earn your business, but we enjoyed meeting you. It’s a little bittersweet, just like this chocolate bar. Would you do us a favor? Send back this postcard and let us know how we can do better next time. Thanks!”
The person sent a note back, thanking us for the gift and assuring us that the next contract is ours. #loselikeawinner

Lose like a winner…a tasty, 80% cocoa winner.

Monday, May 8: Once upon a time in South Boston…
It was a high-octane weekend for Madison+Main. Creative Director Art Webband Client Services Coordinator Matt Ong headed down to South Boston Speedway to support our client Drive Smart Virginia. Saturday was the WhosYourDriver.org NASCAR K&N Tour T-100 race and we were there to provide live social media coverage of the weekend…and hang out with NASCAR legend Jeff Burton. Bonus perk: Art got to ride in the pace car during the race and he was as giddy as a schoolgirl.
Tuesday, May 9: Gimme Shelter (and solid career advice)
On Tuesday, I had a shadow and his name was Brian Jones (no, not the founder of the Rolling Stones). Brian, a senior business major at Campbell University, made the trip up from little ol’ Buies Creek, N.C., to learn more about the wonderful world of marketing, and I was happy to oblige. He was able to spend a little time with all of the Main-iacs, and I think we showed him the proper amount of real world office experience to scare him into staying at Campbell for his master’s. Maybe a doctorate, too. #SorryBrian

You decide: Random Tuesday of matching outfits at M+M or J. Crew ad?

Wednesday, May 10: Heap Day
Some folks call Wednesday “Hump Day.” After this week, we may start calling it “Heap Day” thanks to the small mountain of crystal we won at PRSA Richmond Chapter’s 70th Virginia Public Relations Awards. We picked up four Capital Awards for our online videos for Virginia Energy Sense‘s Value Your Power program, as well as a public service Commonwealth Award for the overall campaign. We couldn’t have done it without our friends at Abandon Films, so thanks guys!
And I’d also like to offer a big shoutout to our client Drive Smart Virginia, who picked up two PRSA awards in the brochures and public service categories. Way to go!

We’re gonna need a bigger awards shelf. Thanks PRSA Richmond!

Thursday, May 11: Big Time on the Small Screen
On Thursday, we got to see some of our two-legged friends from Sycamore Vet. Now that they are all settled in their amazing new facility in Midlothian, owner Cabell Singleton and team member Nicki Butler came to the office for a social media training session.
After work, when I got back to Casa Saunders, I decided to take a well-deserved break from office stuff in front of the TV. So much for that plan. As soon as I turned on the tube, I saw Art and Matt on NBCSN from delayed coverage of the South Boston race. #FameGame

Even in the comfort of my own home, I can’t escape the magic of Art and Matt. Neither can you!