Weekly Report | “Boring” | 5.5.17

After 10 years of writing a blog post every month and almost 8 years of writing The WeeklyReport, I have learned a lot about you. (Or should I say y’all?)
#1 – Depending on the weekend or time of year, I get about 150 out-of-office replies when I send this out on a Friday afternoon at 3 p.m. Most of you work, but some of you like getting an early start on the weekend. (This number can double in August when everyone goes down to OBX or “the Rivah.”)
#2 – About 20 percent of you will “open” this email and read it — according to Constant Contact — and five or six percent will click on a link to see an article or story embedded in the email. (My friend and email marketing guru Harry Garmon at Top-of-Mind Communications says these numbers are “excellent.”
#3 – Roughly 25 of you will reply to me with a positive comment. #Awwwwshucks It usually starts with “thanks” or “I really enjoying these reports on Fridays” or “you mentioned ______ in your email, and I know him/her.”
#4 – Peter Larsen, senior business improvement specialist at Cobb Technologies, will write me back every single week. Rain or shine or vacation, it doesn’t matter. Peter will write me a line to thank me for the email, let me know he received it, and comment on something I wrote — even from Hawaii.
#5 – One person will undoubtedly write me back with a negative comment or criticism every Friday. I used to ignore the emails or shrug them off. Now, I respond to every one of them. Responding positively – even to your harshest critics – makes you better.
Tim, I’m sorry you thought last week’s report was “boring.” I’ll try to do better.
Peggy, when I said the Trump Brand was bold, I didn’t mean to upset you. The man and the brand are two different things.
Karen, yes, I agree. Kent did a much better job writing the Weekly Report when I was on vacation.
Don, the reason you’re not getting my emails anymore is because you unsubscribed on March 21 at 1:43 a.m. I welcome you back anytime.
Monday, May 1: May Day
The first of May brought a busy week and scorching temps, as we buckled down and turned the air down at the office. May brings “Women’s Winter” to M+M.
Tuesday, May 2: Staying Power
On Tuesday, Teresa Brightwell, from CowanGates celebrated 40 years at the firm. She started when she was only 3 years old — a pre-school legal prodigy. The firm celebrated Teresa’s amazing accomplishment with a luncheon at Salisbury Country Club.
Speaking of CowanGates, we are especially proud of their Bike MS Team, whose 21-person team has raised 103 percent of their fundraising goal to end MS. You can help them crush this horrible disease by making a contribution today.
Wednesday, May 3: Pastor Donut
On Wednesday, my pastor — Rev. Jim Dunkin — dropped by for meeting and a quick tour of Madison+Main Worldwide Headquarters. We discussed some of the pro-bono projects we are doing for Brandermill Church. When Jim arrived at Brandermill from his previous assignment in Salisbury, N.C., we told the kids to call him Pastor Dunkin, and he said it was easy to spell — just like Dunkin Donuts. The kids now call him Pastor Donut, and he smiles broadly every time he hears it. We recently delivered a new logo for Brandermill Church Preschool, run by one of my all-time favorite people, Debbie Ellison. One of my other favorite people — Graphic Designer Erin Rebmann — did the logo design. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

Great job, Erin!

Thursday, May 4: Hops & Barley & Water Make Beer
On Thursday, our crack Communications Manager Kent Brockwell sent out a press release for the Powhatan Rotary Club, in support of their big event on Saturday, May 13. The 7th Annual Virginia Hops & Barley Festival, which drew more than 3,500 beer lovers last year, moves to Westchester Commons for this year’s festivities. The event features 35 different Virginia-brewed beers, live music, and much more. Get your tickets today!
Viernes, 5 Mayo: Cinco de Drinko
Today, we are delivering special Cinco de Mayo boxes to clients, packed with chips, limes, Coronas and Sr. Designer Kaity Carr‘s homemade “Especial” salsa. It was a big hit already, and we’re getting some great selfies back from clients.

Sandy and Joyce from Vera’s Fine Jewelers received a visit from “El Guapo.”

“Take criticism seriously, but not personally. If there is truth or merit in the criticism, try to learn from it. Otherwise, let it roll off of you.”
Hillary Rodham Clinton