Madison+Main’s Weekly Report | 3.10.17

Would You Like Fries On That?

Hey folks,
Greetings from Pittsburgh “Would You Like Fries On That?” Pennsylvania, home of the 2017 A-10 Basketball Championship, where I am following my beloved VCU Rams, as they begin their journey to their second Final Four appearance. It’s snowing and I’m wearing short sleeves while desperately trying to avoid carbs in a town only known for two things; pro sports teams who wear “black and yellow” and putting French fries on everything – even salads! It’s daddy-daughter weekend in the “City of Bridges,” as my favorite JMU freshman and first-born Hattie has joined me to cheer on the Rams.
Mmmmmm, delicious.

I put apple juice in a wine glass for Hattie and snapped this, so her mom Sue would freak out. #ItWorked

Monday, March 6: Mmmm, delicious.
I was thrilled to present once again at the Virginia’s Finest Specialty Foods Educational Conference at the Richmond Omni Hotel on Monday. I was able to preach branding and digital marketing to wide variety of entrepreneurs who make Virginia’s Finest. On the way out, they loaded me up with Edwards Of Surry pork products, two big gift baskets (one for Sophie, who helped set it all up), and a grand assortment of goodies. (The Mr. BrigadieroBrazilian

truffles were AMAZING!)

Save the Date: Our client Sycamore Vet’s Grand Opening of their new location is Monday, March 20.

Tuesday, March 7: Medical Equipment Excites Us
Our brand spanking new website for Auxo Medical has launched. We like it. The cool kids at Auxo like it. And so will you, even if you don’t need to buy a medical instrument sterilizer.
The reviews are in and Zzaam is the bomb dot com. On Tuesday, I met with Zzaam founder Derek Cha and biz partner Brett Burkhart in Carytown and I was blown away with the new Korean-casual dining concept. I got the rice bowl with Bulgogi and it was amazzing. #SoGoodIAddedAnExtraZ
Wednesday, March 8: Crushing It!
Sr. Account Manager Kaitlin Riddle dined on Wednesday at Fox & Hound Sports Tavernwith the lovely Maryann Hartzell, Practice Administrator at CowanGates, while I was meeting with my #BFFs at the Virginia Council of CEOs on Wednesday. I’ll be attending the VACEOs annual retreat at The Homestead April 26-28, and I’m very excited about the lineup of speakers.

Wednesday was also a good day for my kids — Jack and Hattie — too. Hattie received word she passed her audition and is now officially in the JMU School of Music as a Vocal Music Major. Jack sank 5 of 7 three-pointers during tryouts at Everything Basketball, and made the EBA All Stars AAU team for the third year in a row. #thosekidshavegoodgenes

Thursday, March 9: On the Road Again
It’s amazing how much you get accomplished in a 5 ½ hours car ride. Back at the corner of Madison Ave Ideas & Main Street Companies, our talented duo – Creative Director Art Webb & Sr. Graphic Designer Kaity Carr – created this cool web video for our client FC Richmond.
Our very own Marketing & Partnerships Coordinator Sophie Fisher was down for the count Thursday, as she had all four wisdom teeth wrenched out and apparently looks like a sad little chipmunk today. Best wishes that she got good drugs for the weekend.

My buddy Greg Burton noticed something wrong. My glass was empty last night. Greg is VCU Sports Leadership’s PR & Communications Manager and the host of ESPN Radio’s Hardly Workin’.

Friday, March 10: It’s The Pitts: Notes from “Steel City” 
  • St. Bonaventure & George Washington fans are still bitter about VCU’s back-to-back  .4 second wins.
  • People in Pittsburgh are just as obnoxious as people in Philadelphia, and much more receptive to road rage.
  • The Pocahontas Parkway toll is real bargain compared to the PA Turnpike. A $14.96 toll, thank you.
  • Our Uber driver told me there are more bridges in Pittsburgh than any other city. #alternativefacts
Tonight is the big game, and nothing left to say, except: VCU! GO RAMS GO!