Not Dave Saunders | 8.5.16

Madison+Main Weekly Report for August 5th, 2016
Write it like you stole it

Hey folks,

Kent Brockwell here, Madison+Main’s new communications manager.

Remember when you were in your teens and your parents would leave you home alone over the weekend?

Well, Dave is on vacation this week visiting his in-laws on the beautiful Isle of Man, so the Main-iacs are running the asylum this week at Madison+Main. [Insert evil laugh here.]

Fortunately for Dave, and all of our amazing clients, Mr. Saunders made some pretty amazing hiring decisions over the years – especially in the last few weeks. Even when he’s gone, leisurely sipping an endless Guinness on a patio somewhere near the Irish Sea, his crew of responsible, sober-minded, unbelievably attractive marketing professionals are hard at work here in RVA helping our clients make a lasting impact on the world.

The cat is away, but the mice are at work on time, making great decisions, and going the extra mile.

Seriously, we’re not a gaggle of reckless teenagers. No all-night keggers for us this week. No two-hour, three-martini lunches either.

No, sir. Not us.

HOWEVER…Dave forgot to lock up the official M+M credit card before heading to the airport.

So…we made a few upgrades around the office.

“Have they burned down the office yet?”

Monday, August 1stGo Fish!

When visitors come to the Madison+Main HQ, they can always expect a frantic-yet-warm greeting from Harvey and the Boys – our official welcome fish. But recently, they’ve been a bit less energetic. We think they’re depressed. We’ve tried everything to cheer them up – different food, new rocks, a splash of Red Bull every now and then – but nothing seems to work.

Then it hit us – they’re bored! So we ordered a few new friends, Wrought-Iron Butterflyfish from Japan to be exact. Normally they’re $2,700 a pop, but we got a sweet deal, Dave. Three for only $8,100! They’ll be here next week.

“Sushi offends me.”
Tuesday, August 2ndMrs. Forbis Goes to Richmond

We were excited to have some out-of-town M+M family at the office this week. Kara Forbis, our VP of Brand Strategy, made the trip from our Blacksburg location, and brought lots of brand magic from the mountains with her. In honor of her visit, we declared it “Taco Tuesday” ordered a wonderful spread from Asado for a rousing staff lunch.

But what’s a great lunch without a great dessert? Thankfully, we knew Kara was coming to town well in advance, so we gave our dutiful intern Lauren the task of finding “the best dessert ever.” Boy, were we shocked and impressed when the UPS guy walked in at the end of lunch with two-dozen La Madeline au Truffle treats. Forbes Magazine says it’s the most expensive chocolate in the world. We say it was well worth the $250-a-bite price tag.

Don’t worry, Dave. We saved you part of one.

Wednesday, August 3rdInspiration is All Around

On Wednesday, we met with Mary Ann Shepherd of Yard Works to present some new branding ideas, as well as a concept for a new TV spot. Wednesday is also Dale Carnegie Day at Madison+Main. After work, Kaity, Kaitlin, and Lindsey headed to their Dale Carnegie class in Chesterfield, where they gave talks about people who inspired them during their lives.

Speaking of inspiration, some of us were thinking that our office could use a boost as well. A muse, if you please. Well, you know what inspires me and makes me instantly happy? Butterflies. Don’t ask why. I don’t know. I just feel a surge of creativity and productivity when I see a Monarch butterfly. So I ordered 1,000 of them online at $6 per flutter. Ain’t the internet grand, Dave?

Thursday, August 4thBetter Ask Somebody!

On Thursday, we had a great meeting with Tom Gallagher and Emilee Stevens at the Better Business Bureau of Central Virginia, where we presented several concepts for a digital campaign that will help increase BBB membership in the region. Afterwards, our account team went to lunch at Tarrant’s with Mike Cardoza from Worth Higgins.

Afterwards, we started thinking. “What could possibly make this day even better?”

An after-hours brainstorming session, obviously! So after all our client work was done for the day and the clock struck 5:30 p.m., we headed down to Casa Del Barco to put our heads together and cook up new, exciting ideas to help spread the good word about Madison+Main.

Dave, did you know they have a $50 margarita called the Centenario? They really should rename it “The Awesome Idea Starter.” Sometime during the forth round, we completely filled a tequila-soaked legal pad with amazing concepts. It’s on your desk. Sorry about the ants.

Friday, August 5th – Ready for Rio!

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! The upcoming Summer Olympics have been on our mind all week. While we can’t wait for the opening ceremony tonight, we’re really rooting for two of our clients who requested Olympics-specific work. So while you are watching your favorite event (Rugby Sevens for me), keep an eye out for the TV spots we created for CowanGates and Virginia Energy Sense.

Speaking of going for gold, we found the perfect “Welcome Home” gift for Dave. Nothing says, “We love our boss!” like a new $250 coffee mug – with a handle made of 14-karat gold-plated knuckle dusters.

Seemed fitting, Mr. S, especially after your next Amex bill comes in.

“Case of the Mondays? Case closed.”

“If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to be locked up.”
– Hunter S. Thompson

(Not) Dave Saunders
Chief Idea Officer