Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – February 26, 2016

Rise and Shine
Hey Folks,
I was never a “morning person.” My dad, on the other hand, woke up at 6 am every day… even on weekends. He would yell “Rise and shine!” to cajole me out of bed every morning. He woke up three hours before work and I woke up 20 minutes before school. When he saw me dawdle about in the mornings he would say things like, “Shake a leg,” and “Up and at ’em.” It never really sunk in until I had kids of my own and a business of my own. These days I’m the one waking up before dawn, yelling, “Shake a leg!” and getting lots of groans and moans from my kids. But I enjoy what I do – helping people create better brands – so it makes it easier to jump out of bed each day. Surprise! At 48 years of age, I finally discovered I’m a morning person. #RiseandShine
Monday, February 22nd – I know a lot of people don’t like Monday mornings, but it’s my favorite time of the week. It’s the one time at Madison+Main we’re all together around the table. We discuss the workflow and the workweek but we always take time to share to share a personal and professional success story. We ask each colleague to share a moment where they achieved a professional success and a personal success, and I’ve found it’s a great way to bring people together. And just like teenagers who grouse about getting out of bed, some teammates don’t always see the value at first. Try it at your company, and be persistent.
Madison+Main’s spring interns all wear glasses!
(L to R) Sophie, Matt, Mary, Lucy & Heather
Tuesday, February 23rd – On Tuesday morning I was up early for Rotary, like I am every week. Afterwards, Account Manager Extraordinaire Lindsey Durfee and I met with our friends at the Better Business Bureau. Not only is Madison+Main an accredited BBB business, but I’m happy to report they’ve chosen Madison+Main to help with several marketing projects. On March 15th, BBB of Central Virginia will be hosting a highly informational Cyber Security Workshop for businesses. The event is open to BBB members and non-members alike. Learn more by clicking here (don’t worry, it’s a safe link).
Wednesday, February 24th – On Wednesday morning I had an early, but productive conference call with our clients at FC Richmond.The Chesterfield-based youth soccer program will be making big news next week. #StayTuned. VP of Brand Communications Kara Forbis and I traveled to Woodstock, VA to meet with a prospective client Wednesday and I am happy to report they are considering our firm to develop several marketing initiatives. We’re delighted about getting another client in the Shenandoah Valley… one of the most beautiful places on earth. If you know of a business or a non-profit organization that could use the help of Madison+Main – from Lexington to Winchester – please forward this e-mail or give them my phone number 804-521-4141.
On the way back, I learned from staff that severe thunderstorms were beating down on RVA and there was a tornado watch. So I sprang into action! I sent staff home early so they could drive through the tornados, as opposed to staying safe and sound in our 129-year-old sturdy brick building, that has a basement. After the storms blew through, I took the family to Buffalo Wild Wings just to watch my beloved VCU Rams get blown away by the lowly George Mason Patriots. #Crap
Thursday, February 25th – I ran into my old pal Mark Cipolletti, who was previously with Connexions Loyalty and Allianz Global Assistance. Last fall Mark founded Pinch Hit Partners, where he provides marketing services as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). We’re looking forward to partnering again with Mark, and we totally dig his new logo. Visit www.pinchhitpartners.com when you have a moment.
I keep everything. This is my nametag from when I appeared on Wheel of Fortune in 1998.
Afterwards we hosted Lucy Corr Village and Springdale’s new Marketing DirectorSally Lowe. Sally was previously with Luck Stone and Circuit City, and brings tons of experience and great ideas to the table. Lindsey and I are really looking forward to working with Sally.
Last night, Graphic Designer Kaity Carr and Account Manager Kaitlin Riddle finally saw proof of the ghost that inhabits our building.  He’s a nice ghost and even opened the front door for them. I think I’ll call him Clarence.
Friday, February 26th – After a very busy week, lots of travel, lots of work and scary weather, I hit the snooze button three more times this morning. At about 6:30 AM, I heard my dad’s voice saying, “Rise and shine!” so I did. I stopped by the office for a few moments and then dropped into the Rise and Shine Diner in Ashland for a late breakfast. #ComfortFood. Afterwards, Kara and I presented our brand and marketing strategy to our new clients at Cudas. We are looking forward to accomplishing great things together with Andy, Jenny and the whole team there. Check out their brand spankin’ new website www.cudas.com. Their tagline is “Wear vacation daily.” #LoveThat
Darius gives Madison+Main the thumbs up at  “Ready. Set. Hire.”
Meanwhile Graphic Designer Kaity Carr volunteered her time this morning at the “Ready. Set. Hire.” event at the Chesterfield County Career and Technical Center. Kaity interviewed 6 students from Chesterfield as part of the Greater Richmond Chamber Event, including Darius Williams, a friendly and talented graphic artist who is currently taking classes there.
Last night, the five remaining Republican candidates for president discussed immigration, but the problem is they spent the entire time talking about illegal immigration. My wife Sue is a legalimmigrant and carries a British passport, so we spent thousands of $ trying to make sure she got her Green Card, which gives her the privilege of paying taxes. I’m happy to report that Sue has begun her naturalization process and will become a US citizen this summer. This also means that I’ll be stroking another check to the government for $680. Something to ponder; do you think more people would take a legal path to immigration if it didn’t cost an arm and a leg? #SomethingtoThinkAbout
Benjamin Franklin was a writer, philosopher, scientist, inventor, publisher, and politician but was never elected president. Sadly, half of Americans believe that he was.
“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”
– Benjamin Franklin