Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – November 20, 2015

The Kids Table
Hey Folks,
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week, and I also hope you get to spend some time at “the kids table.” I’m like Peter Pan, I never wanted to grow up. I miss sitting at the kids table on Thanksgiving. Think about it… no one argues at the kids table about grown up stuff, like politics or taxes or how your brother-in-law is such a huge disappointment. And the scariest thing at the kids table is not ISIS, it’s yourAunt Debbie’sCongealed Salad.
Everyone is happy at the kids table, and there is a lot of giggling. So this Thanksgiving, I wish a second helping of happiness. And from the kids at Madison+Main, we are thankful for your friendship and support, and especially grateful for all the positive feedback we receive about the Weekly Report. (Don’t worry Ken, I added you back to the list.)
Monday, November 16th – It was an especially busy Monday. Kara and I put the finishing touches on a complicated RFP response. I wrote two press releases for clients and we had a productive meeting about our new website. The kid in me was sad that I didn’t get a piano lesson on Friday, because my awesome — and might I add extremely patient — piano teacher, Miss Tonya, was under the weather. By the way, the folks at Bravo Music Academy are super nice and super talented.
On Monday afternoon, the UPS guy delivered 1,000 bottles of our latest and greatest invention – Bold Brand Water. Ingredients: 2 parts Hydrogen, 1 part Oxygen. At Madison+Main, we believe that you can brand anything.
“Born in the Allegheny Highlands at the headwaters of the mighty James River, 
Bold Brand Water comes to you from the confluence of the Jackson & Cowpasture Rivers. 
It snakes it’s way towards our beautiful bottling facility on Belle Isle, 
flowing past power plants and paper mills. 
The journey ends when we filter it, bottle it, and make a toast to tastelessness. 
Why settle for cold water, when you can drink Bold Water?”
Tuesday, November 17th – On Tuesday, I spent most of my day re-writing website copy, but I did manage to break up the day with a quick phone call to advise our friend and client Cate Hawks (fromFACES of Virginia Families) on some PR opportunities. We also finalized designs for our Christmas cards and came up with some great ideas for this year’s client Christmas gifts. #staytuned
On Tuesday, we got approval to launch the next phase in the Virginia Energy Sense campaign. Below is the first in an online video series, showing Virginians how they can save energy and money. In the video, we introduce a talking power outlet named Jack and his buddy, Buddy, who doesn’t talk very much. Check out the video below:
Introducing Jack, the new face of Virginia Energy Sense
Introducing Jack, the new face of Virginia Energy Sense
Wednesday, November 18th – After a busy morning working with the creative crew, I dropped by theJepson Alumni Center at the University of Richmond for the Virginia Council of CEOs quarterly luncheon. Linda Nash – formerly of the Childcare Group, the Compass Schools, and PartnerMD – was the luncheon speaker. Linda outlined 9 steps to success. My note-taking ability is horrible, but this is what I think she said.
1. All investors are not equal.
2. Keep your eye on the exit.
3. Ask for help.
4. Know when it’s time to jump.
5. Find mentors.
6. Do more listening than talking.
7. Address issues (almost) immediately.
8. Keep your eye on the ball.
9. Have fun.
Thursday, November 19th – On Thursday morning it rained. Again. And no one in RVA knows how to drive in the rain. As a result, I was late for my meeting at Structured Cable of Virginia. Thankfully, co-owner Dee Straub is a nice guy and didn’t tease me too much about it. Dee and company do a great job providing security and entertainment technology for homes and businesses. Check them out at www.structuredcableofva.com.
On Thursday night, the Madison+Main-iacs descended upon the VMFA for the Comcast SpotlightClient Appreciation Party. Thanks to our rep Myra Watkins for the invitations and this year, Art Director Renita Wade won an iPad mini, and Account Manager, Lindsey Durfee scored big time with a 42″ Smart TV.
Lindsey, Kaity, and Kaitlin mug for the camera at the Comcast Party
Friday, November 20th – After a week of steady downpours, it was nice to see the sun this morning. We had a light crew today, with about half of our staff out of the office for various reasons; moving, traveling, working remotely, and working on client site. I just checked the forecast, and there will be no rain in Richmond for the next week. #guaranteed
Speaking of the weather, I just found out there is a contest where you can vote for RVA’s favorite weather caster. The Richmond area’s 2 leading contenders are CBS6’s Nikki-Dee Ray and WRIC Channel 8’s Katie Dupree. We think they’re both awesome and because they were both judges at our chili cook off, we’re not going to take sides… but you can. Vote here for your favorite weather forecaster.
This morning I booked a trip to New York City for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Since I was a kid, I always wanted to go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, and since my kids are now teens, I wanted to take them along too. Maybe it’s my way of keeping them at the kids table. By the way, on Thanksgiving morning, if you turn on the TV and see a giant, bloated, hot air balloon being dragged down 7th avenue, please know that’s not me. It’s Shrek. #OgresHaveLayers
“Keep adventuring and stay not a grown up.”
– Peter Pan