Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – December 18, 2015

The 6 Minute Rule
Hey Folks,
We have a lot of quirky rules here at Madison+Main. Large companies have policies and procedures, but we have guidelines and funny stories. For example, the “Mis-Steak Rule” simply means that if we misspell a word and it escapes our diligent copyediting process, then the team has to buy me a steak. If it’s a small mis-steak, then I get the lunch special at Golden Corral. If it’s a really big mis-steak, then I’m heading toMorton’s and it’s really going to cost them. #PorterhouseForTwo #AndABottleofDominus2012
But one of our most healthy and helpful rules, I call “The 6 Minute Rule.” It’s pretty simple; if you get bad news, remove yourself from the office and find a quiet place (like your car or a bathroom) then say “dammit” for 6 minutes. Afterwards, you are not allowed to sulk, whine, complain or otherwise feel bad about whatever it was that upset you. Most people can’t make it a minute without cracking themselves up, and therefore they feel better. The real reason it works is because you are able to vent and keep the negativity down to a very finite period. The 6 Minute Rule. Try it.
Monday, December 14th – On Monday the rain came but it didn’t prevent us from shooting some great footage for Virginia Women’s Center’s new TV spot. VP of Brand Strategy, Kara Forbis, was in town to work with our friends at Broadscope Media for the first day of a two-day shoot.
I never got a chance to eat lunch on Monday, but for a very good reason. Account Manager Kaitlin Riddle and I were invited to a press conference at the Virginia State Capitol where Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring informed the media about our new digital marketing campaign aimed at reducing human trafficking in Virginia. Special thanks to the entire team at the Virginia Office of the Attorney General — especially Mark Fero, Programs and Public Safety Financial Manager, and Mary Vail Ware, Director of Programs and Community Outreach — for giving us this great opportunity and being open to our out-of-the-box ideas. The campaign made news all over Virginia. Click here to read more about this unique interactive marketing campaign in the Richmond Times Dispatch.
Tuesday, December 15th – On Tuesday morning, I continued my tradition of bringing the best and most interesting speakers to the Midlothian Rotary Club, as friend and business colleague, JJ White, wowed the crowd assembled at Stonehenge Country Club. JJ White, not to be confused with Houston Texans Defensive End JJ Watt, is the owner of Dale Carnegie Training of Virginia. JJ reminded my fellow Rotarians “to live the principles.”
Meanwhile back at Madison+Main Worldwide Headquarters, Lindsey was putting the finishing touches on our last-minute email and social media campaigns for Worlds Best Cheesecake. Seriously folks, if you’re looking for a great last-minute gift idea, may I highly (and humbly) suggest buying your friend or colleague a delicious, gourmet, 4-pound cheesecake from Worlds Best Cheesecake. If you order by 2pm Monday, December 22nd, it will be delivered before Christmas Day! (Shhhh, here is a special discount code just for friends of Madison+Main. Use offer code FNF at checkout and save 15% on your entire order.) You can go directly to their website by clicking HERE.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice this year, a
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake makes the perfect gift!
Wednesday, December 16th – Wednesday is my favorite day of the week because that’s when the creative team gets together for creative concept sessions. This week the meetings were scheduled back-to-back-to-back and we were all in a great mood because Wednesday was the only day it didn’t rain this week. In-between meetings I kept checking my email to see what friends and colleagues thought of the unique Christmas gifts we sent out this year… Most said things like “Best present ever” and “Loved the Red Ryder, Thanks!” but our partner at Bytejam, Lin Borkey, sent back this photo with the quote “Best. Gift. Ever.”
Bytejam president Lin Borkey really, really liked our Christmas gift, a new Red Ryder BB Gun.
Thursday, December 17th – Thursday was tough as we said goodbye to a long-time client. #6minuterule #cestlavie I could only dedicate 6 minutes to the rare setback for our talented and creative team, because we have many more awesome clients that need our best work, love and attention.
With that, the team took a brief moment to lunch with Sydney Hulshoff andour partners at Summit Media who gave us a bunch of great information on their flagship stations,103.7 Play, Classic Rock 96.5, K95, Easy 100.9 and Hot 106.1. I’m a “closet listener” of Hot 106.1 and I am not afraid to admit it publicly. #IKnowWhenThatHotlineBlingThatCanOnlyMeanOneThing
I often stress the importance of a work/life balance and on Thursday afternoon, I managed to “practice what I preach,” having lunch with my mom, 3 wacky cousins (Sheila, Sharon and Brenda) and my dear, sweet 94-year-old Great Aunt Doris. My daughter Hattie joined us at Max’s on Broad for lunch, and their very talented Executive Chef Corey Carden made a brief appearance at the table. (Corey is one of my cousins, too!)
Afterwards, we drove down to see my son Jack’s basketball game. #lovemyfamily I’m happy to report the Bailey Bridge Bears buried the Swift Creek Sailors, 49-26. Shooting Forward Jack Saunders #20 subbed in at center and went 0-2 shooting, but grabbed 4 rebounds and made 2 excellent assists. #WorkHard #CourtVision #GoGetIt
Friday, December 18th – There are only 6 more shopping days until Christmas and only 13 days left until 2016, and we’re only working 7 of those days. The year-end pressure builds, as we rush to finish projects and get plans finalized for 2016. I’m happy to report we have 7 proposals to finish in the next 6 working days. We’re not bragging, just really, really busy and for that we are very grateful.  #DrinkingOutOfAFirehose
Since next Friday is Christmas Day, the Weekly Report takes a week off. With that, I would like to wish each and every one of you a very “Merry Christmas” and a prosperous New Year!
“The good news is that Jesus is coming back. The bad news is that He’s really pissed off.”
– Bob Hope