Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – December 11, 2015

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Hey Folks,
There’s nothing like the holidays to bring out the worst in people. The craziness that surrounds Black Friday seems to kick off a 5 week period of madness and bad behavior. Perhaps we as a society misbehave every day, but it seems to be amplified this time of year and we forget the “reason for the season.” Or maybe my newsfeed is just too full of Trump. #trumpthis #trumpthat #trumpyou
As many of you know, I had a rough week last week and I appreciate all of your thoughts, notes, comments, prayers and hugs. It’s hard to lose one of your parents, and especially hard right before the holidays. But this week I was back in the saddle and it felt good to be surrounded by friends and family. Forget all of the people who say “bah humbug” and despite all of the bad news recently, I decided to say “Merry Christmas” to everyone — even the strange looking dude in the toll booth — and it lifted my spirits. I think Andy Williamswas right, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”
Monday, December 7th – “… and tales of the glories of the Christmases long, long ago.”
On Monday we took time to reflect on several client campaigns during the course of the year and I spent most of my day looking at sales reports, Google analytics, SEO reports and various correspondence. We had clients who experienced a lot of success over the course of the year and it was good to see positive results in so many different sectors. (Did you know that Madison+Main has clients in retail, healthcare, professional services, financial, education, association, non-profits and more?)
Monday was my first day back to work after my dad’s passing so I also had to dig through hundreds and hundreds of emails. If I didn’t get back to you this week, sorry. Just to be honest, I probably won’t get back to you next week, either. #justkidding
Tuesday, December 8th – “… and everyone telling you ‘be of good cheer’.
On Tuesday I got a flood of flowers and cards, and people telling me to cheer up. Kara and I made the drive to see our friends at First Bank in Winchester, VA and it was good to see Scott, Dennis, Jamieand Greg. On the way up, I ran out of gas 2 1/2 miles south of Fredericksburg. There’s nothing like sitting on the side of the road, waiting for a tow truck driver to bring you a couple of gallons of gas, worrying about being late for your meeting, documenting your troubles on Facebook and singing “it’s the happiest season of all…” at the top of my lungs.
I ran out of gas Tuesday. Here’s a picture of my rental car on I-95.
Wednesday, December 9th – “with those holiday greetings and gay, happy meetings…
I had a happy meeting Wednesday morning with my fellow board members of the Lucy Corr Foundation. It was good to see everyone and we have exciting plans for 2016. Special thanks toAlan Hutson, Principal of The Monument Group who gave a very informative presentation on fundraising and the potential benefit of an endowment. Alan is an expert fundraising consultant and has one of the best Twitter names anywhere… follow him @nonprofitbowtie
On Wednesday night the kids and I dropped by Yard Works and picked up our Christmas tree. Suesaid the tree was the perfect height, “fat in the middle” and that she loved it because it reminded her of me. Be sure to drop by a Yard Works near you and pick up a Christmas tree this season – for a limited time, they are open until 9pm each night. You wanted a fresh cut Christmas tree and not one of those plastic, toxic, “Made in China” fake trees anyway, right?
My kids do a dance move while a friendly Yard Works employee ties the tree to my car.
Thursday, December 10th – “there’ll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting”
On Thursday we had a very productive meeting with our friends FC Richmond, the area’s premier youth soccer program. We are very excited about their plans for the future and thrilled to be working with their team. When I say “team” I’m not just making a pun. Everyone at FC Richmond truly believes in the “team” concept. Check out their website for more info www.fcrichmond.com.
The “parties for hosting” must’ve been abundant this week, as we had a lighter turnout than normal at our Christmas party. However, the 60 or so in attendance had plenty to eat and drink, and trust me… they had more fun at our party! And why wouldn’t they? The theme was A Christmas Story complete with Red Ryder BB Guns, pink bunny suits, leg lamps and Chinese food. You can check out our Facebook page for pics from the party and while you’re on Facebook, click “LIKE” on our Facebook page.
Today is the last day for our fall interns, Mykala and Matt. Who’s going to bring me coffee next week?
Friday, December 11th – “there’ll be much mistletoe-ing and hearts will be glowing, when loved ones are near…”
It’s been a productive Friday so far and I was looking forward to relaxing a little over the weekend, but it looks like I’ll have to finish the Christmas decorations and spend a considerable amount of time dangling from a ladder. And Sue just let me know that she’s having an ornament party on Sunday, and that “you’ll have to leave and take the boy with you.” Oh well, so much for family togetherness. Is it me or has the number of friends & neighbors who are involved in multi-level marketing companies exploded over the last few years? It seems once a month, one of Sue’s friends is asking her to host an event. I mean come on, how much more Avon, Pampered Chef, Lia Sophia Jewelry or Nu Skin can one family ever need? #sheesh
“Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn’t come from a store.”
– Dr. Seuss