Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, October 9

The Next 10 Years
Hey Folks,

It’s hard to believe it has been ten years already. Madison+Main celebrated it’s 10th anniversary Wednesday night. We had cake. We had booze. We had a good time. And although I’ve been thinking a lot about the last 10 years lately, this week I turned my attention towards the next 10 years. My son will be 23 and my daughter will be 27 when we celebrate our next big milestone. Many of our clients and partners have been with us through most of the past 10 years and I am excited to see what transpires for them and their companies when 2025 rolls around.

Last week I gave a keynote presentation at ADWKDC where I walked through the PC era, to web 1.0, web 2.0, web 3.0 and the future web 4.0. What does the future hold? In a word… robots. I’m serious. Google logged 500,000 miles last year in driverless cars. Amazon is building drones so they can deliver products to you faster than Pizza Hut can get you a pizza. I don’t know a lot about what will happen in the next 10 years but I can almost guarantee that there will be plenty of robots.

Monday, October 5th – On Monday we worked on shooting our new video for the Virginia Association of Community Banks, hitting Carytown, Capitol Hill and surprising some friends at various state government buildings.

IMG_0001It’s hard to shoot video of the State Capitol when they surround it with cranes. Yes, the day we decided to shoot was the same day someone decided to power wash the Capitol. #murphyslaw

Molly got into town Monday night, bringing hubby Lee and baby Claire to the office. It was so great having our VP of Operations with us this week… live and in person.

IMG_0005Molly’s husband Lee and beautiful baby, Claire!

Tuesday, October 6th – On Tuesday we finalized CowanGates‘ new TV spot. Thanks to our good friends at BES Studios for their hard work and help putting this together. The new CowanGates spot resembles a public service announcement, and as we ramp up football and prepare for the holidays, it’s a good idea to think before you drink. Click here to watch!

Speaking of drinking, Kara arrived Tuesday night. #haha #cheers #welovekara

Tuesday afternoon, after a couple of prospective new business meetings, we hosted Midlothian Board of Supervisors candidate Leslie Haley here at the office and shot a couple of vids. Leslie is a friend who I had the pleasure of service with on the Chesterfield County of PTAs and I am confident that she will be an excellent representative for the Midlothian district on the BOS.

Wednesday, October 7th – Party, party, party! We hosted our 10th anniversary party Wednesday night and it was truly amazing to have so many friends and colleagues share our milestone. Check out some of the pics here.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 12.30.11 PM
Thursday, October 8th – On Thursday we had some great meetings with our partners at Alliance Group and Burson Marsteller. Thanks to Rob, Andy and Sarah for hosting us at Alliance Group’s worldwide headquarters. And special thanks to them for ordering lunch from Sally Bell’s Kitchen. If you’ve never had an upside down cupcake from Sally Bell’s, do yourself a favor and click here. Our work for the Virginia Energy Sense program is kicking into high gear and we will be launching our statewide web and TV campaign the first week in November.

Friday, October 9th – Friday morning we had a great conference call with our friends at First Bank and I knocked out some banner ad copy for our friends at Village Bank. In fact, I’ll be thinking about community banks all day, as I finalize some copy for the Virginia Association of Community Bank’s TV spot and jump in the studio to help finalize audio and video production.

As you read this, I will be on the road with my son Jack headed to the mountains. “The Beast” is loaded up and we’re joining some friends for a nice relaxing weekend in the mountains near Massanutten. If I’m not back by Monday, you can assume one of two things; 1) I’m having a great time or 2) The bears got me.

“The best way to create
the future is to invent it.”
Abraham Lincoln, 2008