Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, April 3rd

The Day After

Hey folks,

The pessimist in me will always remember today as “The Day After Coach Smart left VCU.” The optimist in me will probably remember today as “The Day After I left for vacation.” The realist will barely remember this, because Friday is simply “The Day After Thursday. When I get bad news, I apply the 6 minute rule: dwell on it, fuss about it or cry about it for 6 minutes, and then say “I’m done.” It was great week, I’m going on vacation with my family and “I’m done” mourning the loss of a great college basketball coach. #6minutes

Monday, March 30th – I spent most of Monday on location, shooting a TV spot for Village Bank. Special thanks to Kristen and Mia, two of my favorite “Village People” for their help! The spot comes out in a few weeks on NBC12 and targeted cable channels in RVA, and will have a cameo by our very own Client Services Coordinator Lindsey Durfee. That makes 5 TV ads we’ve produced that Lindsey (or a piece of Lindsey) has been in, #ShesATrooper

Village Bank ad teaser, starring our very own Lindsey “Durfmiester” Durfee.

In the afternoon, I sifted through a ton of market research data for one of our newest clients. Once in a while I really geek out on data. My son Jack went to Basketball practice Monday night. He is now playing for an AAU travel team, and yes he’s 5’9″ and just turned 13. He grew 2 inches and 1 shoe size during basketball season. He also eats 5 square meals a day. My friend, former local TV news legend Gene Cox wrote another great book, The Salvation of Ricky Sparks. Buy a copy, will ya?

Buy Gene’s new book at www.GeneCoxRVA.com or at Chop Suey Books!

Tuesday, March 31st –  On Thursday, Kaity Byrum and I travelled out to wilds of Amelia County and worked on location at Yard Works, shooting 4 online videos, 2 starring MaryAnn Shepherd and 2 starring Larry Newman. It always so fun working with the guys and gals at yardworks. Great people. Great products. And now they have a great website too, thanks to Madison+Main!


Wednesday, April 1st – Wednesday was a whirlwind of activity, as I started the day with an early morning meeting at Einstein’s Bagels and went non-stop back-to-back all day. I’m not complaining…it’s good to be busy. Highlights included a call with Denver and Christine at Silverback Distillery. Our favorite brand of Virginia craft spirits are now available in the Georgia. The Afton, Va-based maker of Strange Monkey Gin and other brands just sent 176 cases to the Peach State. #beatschestloudly Silverback Distillery spirits have made their way to RVA, and you can buy them at most Richmond area local Virginia ABC stores!

Thursday, April 2nd Thursday was Autism Awareness Day and I wore blue, in honor of our clients at Commonwealth Autism. #shakawatch continued late into the evening, as I kept refreshing myTwitter feed along with thousands of others, only to learn that Coach Smart is leaving to go Coach the Longhorns. #7minutes Oh well.

Friday, April 3rd –  We’re off. If you send me an email next week, you’ll get this reply. “I’m out of the office until Tuesday April 14th, and I will promptly delete your email when I return. Thank you.”

Seriously though, if you need me you can call Madalyn, or Lindsey, or Molly, or Kaity, or Cassie, or Casey, or Jessica, or Robbie, or Ella, or Derek… you get the idea. #bonvoyage


The Love Boat

The Love Boat

If all else fails call Captain Stubbing
– Dave