Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – February 13th, 2015


Hey folks,


Week in and week out, I ask questions and people ask me questions. The answers that I provide are an integral part of the work that we do. But this week, I found myself answering lots of other questions. Very, very interesting questions…


Monday, February 9th – When you use social media apps like Foursquare you can “check in” to places. Prior to my breakfast presentation at the Henrico Business Leaders meeting Monday morning, I checked into the Westin HotelFacebook reported that my friend Mark Creery (CEO ofData Directions) and I checked into the hotel together. I got some interesting questions about that. The presentation went well and I got some good questions from the crowd. I also got two really nice thank you cards later in the week. One from New York Life’s Greer Johnson, and another from Dennis Bickmeier, President of Richmond International Raceway.



We get lots of Thank You cards. #love

The guys from Broadscope dropped by for a pre-production meeting. on Monday afternoon, we ate pizza, laughed a lot, and even managed to do some work for Yard Works. We are filming their TV spot in two weeks and it will be epic.


Tuesday, February 10th – On Tuesday morning, Jessica and I had a long but productive meeting with our new clients at Advance Wellness Centre. The more I learn about their offerings, the more I am amazed. In addition to all of the health and wellness services, they do offer some very cool spa services such as massages. Remember tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. #hinthint Book a massage at AdvanceWellnessRichmond.com or call 673-WELL (673-9355).


On Tuesday, Lucy Corr Foundation Director Debra Marlow and I had lunch with Sheila Carden, my crazy second cousin, who has decided to join us on the board of the foundation. In all seriousness, Sheila is a wonderful lady and I’m thrilled she has agreed to help us. As an interesting side note, I never knew that Carrabba’s would be that busy on a Tuesday at lunch time. #liveandlearn
On Tuesday night I was able to see my daughter, Hattie perform in Manchester High School’s show choir. She and her classmates did a stellar job and for a moment I thought I was watching aBroadway musical or a past episode of Glee. (Not that I would ever admit to watching a Broadway musical or an episode of Glee.)


Wednesday, February 11th – The better part of Wednesday was spent with my fellow members of the VA Council of CEOs Roundtable 1. It was good to get in some “group therapy” with my friends who have the same business headaches as I do. In the afternoon, Chris Manzelli dropped by from the Virginia Association of Broadcasters and we felt honored that he made the drive all the way from Charlottesville to see us.

On Wednesday night, I took my son Jack to the VCU basketball game, where the Rams lost a double overtime heartbreaker to the La Salle Explorers. #weneedtreveonback


Believe it or not, this is a poster that teaches Kindergartners how to wash their 

hands in 6 hard to read steps.  


Thursday, February 12th – On Thursday we had productive meetings with clients Village Bank and Ball Office Products. I highly recommend both companies because they have good people. We buy our staples from Ball Office Products… not Staples. The price is better, the service is better and they always deliver cookies. Lindsey usually eats mine. #sadface Our meeting with Village Bank was productive and we’ll be debuting their new web videos in next week’s Weekly Report. #staytuned


On Thursday night, Cassie organized a team building exercise – Game Night. Cassie got the booze, Lindsey brought the food and I brought the game Cards Against Humanity. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is not easily offended, but chances are the people you work with are not as cool as the people I work with, so I wouldn’t recommend playing Cards Against Humanity with your co-workers. The questions in that game are not ones that I can repeat here. Afterwards we dropped by Xtra’s for trivia night, where I dropped knowledge bombs on the assembled millennials at my table. I answered questions such as “Who is Michael McDonald?” and “Who are the Doobie Brothers?” Despite my help we still placed 5th.


Who is in this picture you ask? CassieLindseyMadalyn and Kaity at Trivia Night.

Friday, February 13th –  I am a superstitious man so I locked myself in the office today to insulate myself from bad luck and to catch up on copyediting, writing and market research. It worked for the most part. But the phone kept ringing and people kept asking me questions.
Earlier in the week I had a chance to ask a friend of mine, Rob Thompson an important question “Would you consider running for Chesterfield County School Board in the Matoaca District?” Today I got the answer that I was looking for. Yes. I’m so happy to announce Rob is running for school board and I know he’ll have a website up soon where you can learn more about him, but in the meantime check out his LinkedIn profile and if you care about good quality schools, you should connect with him. Check out his LinkedIn here.


Tonight I am digging deep in the closet to find my Don Johnson/Miami Vice jacket so I can wear it to the Leg Warmers at the National with Sue as we kick off our “Back to the Future” Valentine’s Day Weekend. Last question: Where am I taking her for Valentine’s Day? Answer: No comment. She reads the Weekly Report once in a while.


Sports update: The Mighty Sharks of Alberta Smith remain undefeated after beating Midlothian last Sunday and surviving a close win over Swift Creek in overtime. Jack scored 14 points in that game and sank a free throw to tie up the game with 7 seconds left on the clock. When you score 14 and your entire team only scores 27 I call that “beast mode”. Yes, I’m a proud papa and happy I get to coach the Sharks in their two final games this weekend.








“Between love and madness lies Obsession” (tagline for Calvin Klein’s Obsession, 1985)


– Dave Saunders