Introducing our Spring 2015 Interns!



Robbie “Lunchbox” Evans


My role at Madison+Main is the Account Management Intern, and I am a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Strategic Advertising and minoring in Business. I am excited to learn everything I can about the ins and outs of an advertising agency while interning at Madison+Main. I aspire a career as an Account Executive, so this internship is a great place to start! I have lived in Virginia all of my life and once I graduate, I am excited to travel the world and visit different places.

Other hobbies that I have are playing guitar, singing and writing my own music. When I was young, my dad gave me the nickname “Lunchbox”. My dad would shout that name to me wherever we went. I think this was relevant to molding my character and healthy sense of humor. I like long walks to my car and then walking into Golden Corral. I like sushi.



Ella “Ella Vadar” Cajayon


My go-to introduction is: If I married Darth Vadar, my name would be Ella Vadar. If you enjoy corny jokes, follow me @ellatweetedthis where I pretend to be funny.

I am a lover of all pugscoffee, and (fierce) shoes galore. When I’m not stalking the peopleplaces, and things RVA has to offer for M+M, you can find me writing (ranting) for what have become my public diaries: Elite Daily and Literally, Darling.

My aspiration in life is to be the perfect combination of: Carrie BradshawPosh SpiceKate Middleton and Kanye West.

I’m a senior studying Public Relations at Virginia Commonwealth University, who is in constant denial of graduation this May! So until that big day, my plan is to use this internship to learn how the PR world works/hide in my M+M cubicle until I’m ready to become a functioning adult


Derek “Fair Bear” Fair 

My name is Derek Fair. Better known as Fair Bear. I am a Spring 14 VCU graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Advertising and a General Business minor. I am currently interning as a Copywriter at Madison+Main. During my 5-month stretch, I hope to take away a few free lunches, some snacks around the office and a full-time job. 🙂

In my spare time, I enjoy reading. And by reading I mean glancing at the drink menu. Every once in a while I’ll play soccer to act healthy, but other than that I don’t do much.


Josh “The Reaper” Grim 


Currently I am a senior undergraduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University. I am pursuing a double major in Marketing with a concentration in Personal Selling and Supply Chain Management & Analytics. Going into marketing with very little understanding of the power & impact of advertising, I am hoping to gain some helpful insight from the knowledgeable & hard working crew at Madison+Main.

Aside from my time spent at M+M, I am a part-time bartender at Buffalo Wild Wings. I am a sports enthusiast, but more importantly an ice hockey fanatic. Being a hockey player stereotypes myself as loving beer, which is absolutely true. I am a huge fan of VA craft beer. 🙂