Madison+Main’s Weekly Report: 12/19/14

Merry Christmas 

Hey folks,

It was a busy week at Madison+Main, but I didn’t have time to write a full report this week as I have been knocked out with the flu for the last 48 hours. But, I mustered enough energy to stop by the office today to collect a few things before the Holiday. The kids at the office bought me a big bottle of Maker’s Mark and a set of Amazeballs; the premium stainless steel beverage coolers. They bought me Bourbon and a set of stainless steel balls. Ahh, they know me so well.


What every Bad Santa wants this year for Christmas: Bourbon and Balls. 


Geoff and Lindsey put together the Weekly Report this week. I know it’s going to be some ridiculous photo of me, probably in a Santa Suit, and I will be as surprised as you are when I see it in my Inbox.


I couldn’t let the year end without saying Merry Christmas to you. Thanks for reading the Madison+Main Weekly Report and Happy New Year!


– Dave