Looking for Kick@ss Word Slinger & Media-ite

Marketing Communications Executive

Position Summary:

Marketing Communications Executive develops, implements and manages all PR and media relations efforts for the agency and it’s clients.  Additionally, this position writes long form copy for the agency and it’s clients and manages company digital content through external communications, blogs and social networking platforms.


·      Writes Press Releases and other written communications for agency and clients.
·      Handles all media relations efforts and builds relationships with media contacts.
·      Writes long form copy such as website, newsletters, etc.
·      Manages the day-to-day creation, editing and updating of digital content including research, fact-checking,  critiquing and proofreading.
·      Contributes to, updates and helps manage social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn posts, graphics, e-newsletters, video content and messaging for agency and clients. Listens to and monitors the social media outlets and post or respond to comments or other posts and topics.
·      Develops innovative PR initiatives for clients and agency.
·      Monitors news coverage, trends and competitors to bring new opportunities and ideas to agency and clients.
·      Assists in writing custom proposals for business development initiatives.
·      Performs all other duties deemed necessary by company leadership.

Skills & Abilities:

·      Innovative with the ability to organize and manage multiple tasks and adhere to strict deadlines
·      Superior organization and time management skills
·      Excellent oral and written communication skills
·      Strong interpersonal skills
·      Detail-oriented and reliable with a creative approach to all projects
·      Expertise in the business media; you know who’s who and what they care about
·      Digital & social media savvy

Education & Experience:

·      Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Communications, Journalism or related field is required.
·      Must have 2-5 years’ experience in marketing communications and/or PR.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume and writing samples to jobs@madisonmain.com.