Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 11/14/14


Hey Folks,


This week I’ve travelled all three corners of the Commonwealth and today I am at the top, visiting our friends at First Bank. I’ve worked with First Bank’s CEO Scott Harvard in one way or another since 2007

and his team are always fun to work with. Click here to see a video of Scott and COO Dennis Dysart shaving their heads for charity after First Bank employees raised over $30,000 for United Way of Northern Shenandoah Valley. Last weekend I was in the Eastern part of the state at Virginia’s largest party, the 57th Annual Urbanna Oyster Festival. It was good to get away with friends, drink some beer and eat some oysters. I now have a better idea of what I want to do in retirement. I think I am going to move to Urbanna, raise their population from 471 to 473 (I’ll bring Sue with me) and become an Oyster farmer #Awshucks


This week it was all about the cheesecake, no treble. I’m bringing #CheesecakeLove back.

Monday, November 10th – On Monday I worked on a variety of 2015 media plans, making contact with reps at newspapers, radio and TV stations etc. We have some exciting plans for our clients in 2015, but this time of year is essentially our “Christmas” — the busiest time of the year.
On Monday night Alberta Smith Athletic Association hosted Sharks Football Night at Uptown Alley. I think the parents and the players and Sue did a great job as Team Mom. I was awarded with a “Coaches trophy” a.k.a. a super large engraved glass beer mug. Despite the Sharks going 0-8, they’ve asked me to come back and coach again next year. That in itself is amazing, because winless coaches usually get fired in college or the pros. 

Tuesday, November 11th – On Tuesday morning, Veteran’s Day, I was reminded immediately of the importance and sacrifice our veteran’s have make through the years. I did not serve, but I make a point to thank the people who have. Like my friend Jimmy Hyman (Army), Mark East (Marines), Richard Boyer (Army), Frank Geovannello (Army), BIll Martin (Marines), BIll Conner (Air Force),Mike O’Conner (Coast Guard), Brian Tiller (Navy), Jon Burkett (Navy), Lee Whitfield (Army) and many others. 
At Rotary we had a special presentation by Rear Admiral John G. Heckman, Chairman of the Virginia War Memorial Foundation. Admiral Heckman gave us an update on the Virginia War Memorial and their expansion plans for the future. The memorial and the adjacent Paul and Phyllis Galanti Educational Center received 75,000 visitors last year. If you have not visited the Virginia War Memorial, I highly recommend it and you don’t have to wait until Veteran’s Day next year.

On Tuesday afternoon, I stopped by NBC 12 to make a delivery. I love dropping by 12 and seeing super rep Jenn Barbin and the rest of her team. Sheryl Carter, NBC12 Receptionist, told me she enjoys reading the Weekly Report. She wished me a happy birthday and complimented me on my halloween costume. I haven’t seen her in 6 or 7 months but she seemed to know every single detail of my life. I also wanted to thank Sheryl for giving me a jar of pepper jelly, made by her friends Dirk andJane Warner at Norwood Farm.  This is a special treat I’ll be taking down to my Dad at Thanksgiving, he loves the stuff!

Wednesday, November 12th – When people see me out and about, or read this Weekly Report, they ask me questions like, “Where do you get all of that energy?” and “Do you ever sleep?”  On Wednesday morning Melissa Chase, star of Melissa and Jack on PLAY 103.7 FM, sent me an email asking if I was a vampire. I replied, “Yes, but instead of blood, I live off cheesecake batter.”

Wednesday was all about World’s Best Cheesecake from my early morning visit to radio stations to my late night clean up after the Impact Awards. I worked an 18 hour day, and loved every cheesecake minute of it. I was able to talk with Bill and Shelly at 100.9FM. I spoke with Mason and Sam on 96.5 the Planet, and Mason graciously Instagram‘d a picture of the cheesecake. I wasn’t able to meet the K95 crew, which is too bad because I’m a Catfish and Lori fan, but I did manage to surprise Melissa Chase — she was terrified to see me in the daylight. Later I dropped off cheesecakes at Q94 and Lite98 and got the chance to see my friend and cheesecake fanatic, Jimmy Barrett, who gave us a shout out on News Radio 1140 WRVA.


During the day we were able to see our good friends Lynn Green and Greg Green at Davis & Green Electrical to plot out some new marketing initiatives. It’s the only place I didn’t deliver cheesecake, because I forgot to bring them one. #Oops. Let’s hope they forgive me.


That night we handed out over 500 cheesecake sample packs to Greater Richmond Chamberbusiness leaders at the Impact awards. A special thanks to the Chamber for allowing us to introduce our product to so many people.


After my Herculean effort Wednesday night for the World’s Best Cheesecake.

Thursday, November 13th – We got more #CheesecakeLove from media outlets all across the state on Thursday, some as far away as Roanoke and some as close at Main Street. Check out the story inVirginia Business Magazine. We worked on more YouTube video projects thanks to GeoffNatasha and Kaity. All in all, we shot 8 different videos and the first one is available right here.

If you’re invited to a Mad Men-themed party and your twitter handle is @MadMain does that mean you have to dress up? On Thursday night Lindsey, Casey, Jessica and I gussied up and dropped in on the Mad Men-themed Comcast client party. The ladies looked lovely with their 60’s style up do’s, but I was so busy I didn’t put a costume together and I simply walked around with a class of bourbon #thisISmycostume. It was a fun night and Jessica won a Sony CyberShot camera.

Joan Holloway, Betty Draper and Peggy Olsen aka Jessica, Casey and Lindsey.

Friday, November 14th – This morning I got up early and traveled up to beautiful downtown Strasburg, VA, home of First Bank. I love driving up through the Shenandoah Valley. The time flies by but I try not to fly, keeping my cruise control set 5-6 MPH above the limit. Avid readers of the Weekly Report will remember that I’ve had two speeding tickets already this year and one of them was in beautiful Faquier County.

Back at the office the guys and gals thought they were on the set of the 1994 Adventure film Speed. You know the story; where Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock circle the city on a bus that’s about to explode. Apparently a James River Bus Line tour bus has been circling our block non stop since 9:30am. Either there’s a bomb on the bus or there isn’t enough parking in Richmond. Either way, we hope it works out.


This bus circled our block for more than 5 hours today.

As a VCU Rams season ticket holder, I’ve been looking forward to tonight all week. The Rams season officially opens with their first game against Tennessee. About 10 minutes ago I realized that the game is being played in Annapolis, Maryland. I should have looked at the calendar a little closer. So, what are you guys doing tonight? E-mail me back, the kids are busy for the night and I’d love to join you! I’m open to suggestions.

Virginia is for lovers… of cheesecake!

– Dave Saunders