Madison+Main’s Weekly Report: 11/07/14

Don’t take life too seriously

Hey Folks,


“People are taking their comedians seriously and their politicians as a joke,” American humorist, Will Rogers said a long time ago.  With half of young Americans getting their news from cable comedy shows and this week’s election results, I thought of this amazing quote. It also reminded me that we shouldn’t take life too seriously. I’ve been on a real serious streak lately and I took a few opportunities this week to “let my hair down.” I had received several pieces of bad news prior to my birthday and had been increasingly anxious about getting old, so on Halloween I decided to act like a teenager again. I love Halloween. I love that my birthday is on Halloween. And I love the fact that I could dress up as Ron Burgundythe Anchorman (without pants).

For Halloween I dressed as Ron Burgundy.
Monday, November 3rd – Sue and the kids had a 4-day weekend, but it was back to the grindstone for me. It was a busy Monday but we took time to celebrate VP of Brand Strategy, Kara Forbis’ 5th anniversary with the company. Time flies when you work with Kara. She is a talented, gifted, and giving colleague, who is a pleasure to work with. Although she works in Blacksburg, we see her lovely face on Skype everyday and we force her to drive into Richmond every other week. Why don’t you send her a message and congratulate her; she’s @KaraForbis on Twitter or email her atkaraf@madisonmain.com
On Monday night, VMFA Marketing Director and Adjunct Professor at VCUBob Tarren invited me to speak to a dozen students in his ACUMEN: “The Business of Advertising” (MASC 382) class. It was a fun experience and I am always happy to lecture at my Alma Mater. The class was held in the Trani Life Sciences Building named after Eugene P. Trani. I asked Siri to give me directions there. Instead, she searched the web for Tranny building. #IHateSiri.


Tuesday, November 4th – On Tuesday morning I performed my civic duty and voted. There are almost 5.5 million people registered to vote in the Commonwealth and only 2 million people voted. This means there are 3.5 million people out there that don’t have a right to bitch about the government.




Wednesday, November 5th – On Wednesday morning, CAA Commissioner Tom Yeager invited me to share the podium at Virginia State University as a guest lecturer for their Sports Management program. It was a great group of young people and I was especially happy that my friend, Jonathan Young dropped by to say hello. Jonathan is Director of corporate relations at VSU’s School of Business and he sends several talented young people to our agency each semester as part of our mentoring partnership with VSU. 

Casey and I put in a lot of work Wednesday on client media plans and I know just that Jessica wrote on the calendar that she was attending a Career Fair at the Robertson School of Media and Cultureat VCU. Not to worry, she was not looking for another job but rather interviewing interns for the Spring semester.


On Wednesday night, I was reminded why I don’t take life too seriously. Hattie walked onto stage Manchester High to receive her class ring and although it was a solemn affair, I managed to embarrass her in front of her friends.


I'm always proud of my daughter, and I love embarrassing her in front of her friends.
I’m always proud of my daughter, and I love embarrassing her in front of her friends.

Thursday, November 6th – After a rambunctious insiders meeting at the Commonwealth Club, I met with Frontier Project CEO Ryann Lofchie Wayne and Consultant Extraordinaire Katie Lackey and we discussed lots of wonderful things going on. Frontier Project is a strategic consultancy with a variety of ventures focused on delivering growth. I was greeted at the front door by Sydney, a very friendly black labrador. They were named one of the top 100 places in America to work by Outside Magazine. They have an amazing work environment and I don’t think they take themselves too seriously. #CoolPeople.


On Thursday afternoon, while filming a new web video for Village Bank, we were visited by Chesterfield Police Officers. Apparently, 6 people with a camera and film equipment looks very suspicious to Hull St. passersby. After examining my driver’s license, looking at my business card and checking the facility out carefully to make sure we weren’t robbing it, the officers decided to let us continue filming. There is a time to be serious and this was one of them. The officers did not look like they would get my sense of humor, so it was, “yes, sir”, “no, sir” and “thank you, sir.” But I can laugh about it now.


Here’s a picture of me talking with “Chesterfield’s finest” at Thursday’s TV shoot.

Friday, November 7th – I am writing this week’s email from the Ostra Raw Bar in beautiful Downtown Urbanna, VA. I got an early start on the weekend and headed down to the 57th Annual Urbanna Oyster Festival, the largest and longest running Oyster Festival in America. Yesterday, Urbanna’s population was 471. This weekend 75,000 people will walk through the festival. The forecast? Sunny and cool with 100% chance of oysters and beer. I’ll be here all weekend. Send me a message and let me know if you’re coming.

Danny aka “Chopper”, is one bad mother shucker!

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t,”


– Dave Saunders