Madison+Main’s Four Crucial Rules For Creating a Winning Brand

  1. Be Focused – Successful brands are focused; they know their purpose and their brands reflect that.  Think about Nike – They want to promote fitness and sell their products; thus, their tagline and advertising promotes that idea.  Don’t be afraid to evolve your brand over the years, either.  As your brand’s goals changes, think about how you need to shift your brand’s positioning, message and intent.  And, don’t be afraid to be bold. After all, Madison+Main believes bold brands win.


  1. Be Clear – Your brand’s message and image need to be consistently clear.  Again, think back to Nike’s brand and image of “Just Do It”.   Nike’s brand focus resonates with consumers – they need to “Just Do It”, i.e. exercise.   It’s strong, concise and clear.  When you keep your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) clear, your consumers know exactly what to expect.


  1. Be Connected – Brands need to be connected both online and offline and it’s important to be cognizant of this as part of your brand’s strategy.  “Networking” with other brands online, that share your values, are crucial to establishing your online presence.  Connecting with your customers is also a key part of a successful brand strategy.


  1. Be Consistent – Your brand’s presence and reputation takes a long, long time to build and you want to ensure consistently both online and offline. Be sure to create consistent excitement about your brand and reward your loyal customers daily.   Think back to the Nike example – have you ever seen a Nike ad without “Just Do It”?


Madison+Main’s motto is “Bold Brands Win”. Think about that as part of your brand’s strategy for 2015.  And if you don’t have a brand strategy, maybe you should call us… (804) 521-4141.